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  3. Think of this site as someone’s house. Act the way you would act if you were at someone else’s house because that is the way you are expected to act here. We know you liberals don’t care much for private property and that this may be difficult for you, but please at least try.
  4. The comments section is provided for “comments” on the posts that are made. The “comments” section is not for advertising your site or schlepping for a cause. Comments should also be short and concise. It is not labeled “dissertations” or “pages of endless rambling” for a reason.
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  6. Comments made should be on topic of the post they are being made in. If a post is about taxes, for example, comments should be about taxes. If a post is about unconstitutional spending then the comments should be about unconstitutional spending.
  7. In order to aid the moderators, this site employs a series of complex filters through which all comments, pingbacks and trackbacks are run. These filters are designed to weed out both automated and human input spam. Certain things that will trip these filters are, but not limited to:
    • Comments containing links outside of the provided link field.
    • Comments containing certain “spammy” words from our vast list of spammy words.
    • To discourage thread campers, frequent comment posting (defined by a super secret formula) in the same thread over and over again over a short period of time.
  8. Note that some actions result in the software banning you outright while others only result in your specific comment being eaten. Other actions will only put you in the queue for moderation and a look at by human eyes. So please be aware that you might get banned by our software if you are naughty!

  9. Posting of personal information is strictly verboten! Posting you address, telephone number, etc. in comments will result in your post being deleted. You may use your real name as your screen name, link to your website and give an email address in the fields provided for those purposes but that is as far as “personal” information is allowed.
  10. Racism, sexism, and other such nonsense is not tolerated. I know that this is common sense but every now and again we get some liberal or psuedo-conservative that comes around here spouting such tripe so it is important to make sure it is clear that such idiocy will not be tolerated.
  11. If you are a troll you will be banned. There are two types of trolls. Trolls that are deliberately trolling and trolls that don’t have the candlepower to know that they are trolling. Both are treated equally.
  12. If you post blatantly false information you will be banned. The truth is appreciated. Your opinion is appreciated. But lies for the sake of furthering your cause are not.
  13. Posting under multiple names/IP addresses to represent yourself as more than one person or get around a site ban is a big no no. Don’t do it. Your posts will only be deleted anyway.
  14. Comments made espousing just general hate towards Mr. Jackson, other authors who post articles here or those that make comments will be moved to the official “I hate you”/”You’re an idiot” thread. This is where all such nonsense finds its eventual resting place.

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