Media Relations

American Conservative Daily’s owner, J.J. Jackson is always happy to talk with the media on any number of subjects including general politics, current events and the new media and blogging.  If you would like to contact Mr. Jackson, please use the following procedures.

Email: [email protected]

In the subject field please include the term “media request”.

This is VERY important.  Currently we receive upwards of a thousand emails each day (not including spam, comment moderation/approval requests, etc.) and that means that we have set up certain filters to make sure that important emails get seen quickly.  If you do not use this email address and subject line you will probably not be in the 100 or so emails that actually get read in a given day and pushed into the slush pile.  That means no one will probably ever respond to you, your feelings will be hurt because you think that you are being ignored, and so on resulting in the predictable outcome of you standing on a bridge contemplating whether or not to jump and feeling unloved.

Mr. Jackson does not want your death on his account so please, please, please follow these instructions.

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