If you are the owner of a vehicle you would know that accidents or vehicle breakdown can happen at any place and at any time. Both these situations call for the assistance of a tow truck to get your vehicle back home or to the garage for repair. But the biggest mistakes the vehicle owners do is they hire the tow truck service without doing any background check or research on them. But hiring a tow truck company that is efficient and offers timely and secure services is very important because your vehicle is a huge investment and you should give its responsibility to capable hands.

You need to know that all tow truck services are not the same; some of them offer impeccable services but there will be a few who will try to take advantage of your hapless situation. Whenever you make a call to a tow truck company make sure that you clearly explain your situation and expectations from them. When you choose the right company, you can manage and fix the unfortunate situation without any stress. The wrong companies can get you into a soup instead of helping you out.

What happens when you hire an unprofessional tow truck company?

Those customers who ended up using the services of non-reputed and unprofessional faced the following issues –

  • They ended up paying more than what was initially represented
  • They ended waiting for long hours for the tow truck to arrive
  • The tow truck service operator lacked skills and experience
  • The tow truck was not in a good condition
  • The vehicle was mishandled and damaged

These are the common issues that you will face when you give your vehicle into the hands of the wrong tow truck operator. Show patience and take a little time to enquire about the company before hiring their services. This will help you to avoid any further mishap.

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But how do you find the best tow truck services in Your region? Here are a few pointers that will help you in picking the best tow truck company.

  1. Get the help of your friends or family

There would be someone in your close group who would have hired the services of a tow truck company. Your friends and relatives can also advise about the companies with whom they have had bad experiences. This is the most reliable and fastest way to find a good tow truck company.

  1. Call your Auto Insurance Agent

Another good place to enquire about a tow truck company is your auto insurance agent. These agents have plenty of experience with tow truck companies and will provide you the names of the best ones around. Auto insurance companies usually 24/7 assistance for vehicle owners. In case you have any road side assistance coverage, make sure that you provide the tow truck driver the required details such as the policy number and contact numbers to avoid any delays and inconveniences.

  1. Check for their reputation

It is very necessary for the safety and security of your vehicle to decide on a reputed company for any kind of roadside assistance. Taking time to know about the company will help you a great deal to save on cash and other loses or damages.

Therefore like any other service the reputation of the tow truck company is very important. You check about them online and through customer reviews. You can check for ratings on the internet. But the best option would be to ask people whom you trust about the company’s reputation.

Reputable tow truck companies will have their federal Department of Transportation ID number displayed on their truck, and will provide you with any extra license numbers that may be required by laws of different states. These numbers and licenses show that the company is insured and in case anything goes wrong, it will be taken care of by the insurance company.

  1. Compare prices

Call up a couple of tow truck companies and ask for the costs in detail. This will give you an idea about the current market trend and prevent you from getting duped especially if you are new to this. Make sure that you know the precise location of your vehicle and the place to where you want your vehicle transferred. This is because tow truck companies charge per mile and some of them add a return charge also, so be very clear of your requirements.

Also, ask them if they accept cards in case you are short on cash. After you have found the right company make sure to save their number in your car.

  1. Don’t jump into hiring a company that shows –up out of the blue

Although it might look very tempting because you can save time, do not hire the services of a tow truck that has arrived unannounced. There are great chances that you will be duped and taken advantage of.

What else you need to do to ensure a safe transportation of your vehicle?

  1. Take a picture of your vehicle

Take a snap of your vehicle on your mobile cam or on any other equipment before it is towed away. This will help you support any claims in case any unexpected damages were incurred on your vehicle while it was being transported.

  1. Use your signature carefully

Read all the documents carefully and make sure that no additional charges are added, before making putting your signature. This will reduce your chances of having to pay more than what was agreed on.

  1. Make sure that you get a receipt

Get a copy of the invoice and receipt to make sure that you have been charged only for the services that you had decided on initially.

  1. Ask for a fixed price

Address all your requirements including the location details and the details of your vehicle such as its make so that you and the service provider can decide on a fixed price. This leaves no room for any confusion and ensures a convenient and hassle-free transportation.