Friday Cartoon…Islamophobia - Michael Haltman

Reasonably risk-free Catholic humor… - Michael Haltman

Video: Andrew Klavan very clearly explains multiculturalism and assimilation! - Michael Haltman

France ‘war’ on jihad…Too little too late? - Michael Haltman

Amendments to the Quote: ‘First they came for the socialists…’ - Michael Haltman

Photo: The face(less) of multiculturalism is now on sale in Britain! - Michael Haltman

Historical Video: Muslim hatred for Jews and Christians (and everyone else) - Michael Haltman

Party At The Sistine Chapel? Can Naming Rights Be Far Behind? - Michael Haltman

WE Are Terrorists! - Gene Lalor

Abe Lincoln, America’s Doomsayer - Gene Lalor

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