USO No Dough Dinners Help Troops Between Checks - Carl

God Help Us All…Welcome to 2015! - Michael Haltman

Must Watch Video: ‘What If’ We Had A President Who… - Michael Haltman

Cartoons: Pathetic Congress! - Michael Haltman

Identity Crisis: Am I President of the United States or Johnny Carson? (Video) - Michael Haltman

Democrats in Congress need to get a pair of these! - Michael Haltman

Infographic of Obamacare changes and delays aka ‘it’s good to be the king’! - Michael Haltman

The Perils of Presidential Paranoia - Gene Lalor

Send in the clowns, don’t bother they’re here! (Debt limit video satire) - Michael Haltman

$500,000: The apparent starting bid for an Obama administration ambassadorship! (Video) - Michael Haltman

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