This Is What Hamas Supporters/Jew-Israel Haters Are Really Telling Us! - Michael Haltman

Animated Video: Ronald Reagan explains capitalism to Barack Obama - Michael Haltman

Obama Part 2: FALSE HOPE, FALSE MESSIAH (Video) - Michael Haltman

Never Again? ‘Death to the Jews!’ rings out in legal demonstration in The Hague - Michael Haltman

Cartoon: Obama’s giving advice to Israel concerning sovereign borders! - Michael Haltman

Another classic Obama bumper sticker! - Michael Haltman

Video reenactment of Putin (Seinfeld) vs Obama (Babu Bhatt) (Humor) - Michael Haltman

Democrat Doublespeak and Dumbspeak - Gene Lalor

Malaysia Flight MH17 happens when you have weak and inept leadership! - Michael Haltman

The Israel Test (Video) - Michael Haltman

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