Eye Test: Can you identify Nancy Pelosi? - Michael Haltman

Headlines and Pics Say It All - Gene Lalor

The Pope, Obama and Obamacare (Humor) - Michael Haltman

Commander-in-Chief refuses to salute a Marine! (Video) - Michael Haltman

UPDATES: A B*tch, a Lunatic, and a Nuke - Gene Lalor

Top 10 Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign slogans! (Humor) - Michael Haltman

Nouveaux Riches–the Obamas - Gene Lalor

Liberals wanted Obama? Ukraine is what we all get! (A Short Chronology) - Michael Haltman

Video of Pinocchio speaking to Barack Obama and his team! - Michael Haltman

The Zach and Barry (6 Minute) Comedy Hour - Gene Lalor

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