A predictable liberal mantra - Michael Haltman

It didn’t take Nostradamus to predict this about Obama or his 2nd-term, just a shrink! - Michael Haltman

Ashton Carter: Obama is doing this to the country again! (Politically Incorrect Poster) - Michael Haltman

Liberal Lunacy? A violent crime victim apologizes to the criminal! - Michael Haltman

Obama Toilet Paper: Photo of a satisfied customer! - Michael Haltman

Must Watch Video: ‘What If’ We Had A President Who… - Michael Haltman

Ray Stevens could have written this song for the modern day American liberal! (Video) - Michael Haltman

Einstein on Obama! - Michael Haltman

Connecting Logical Dots - Gene Lalor

Lucy (Lib) and Linus (Not Lib) Discuss Politics (Cartoons) - Michael Haltman

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