Obama Praises Muslims, Despite Need to ”Fundamentally Transform” America! - John Lillipop

Cartoon Video: Ronald Reagan explains capitalism to Barack Obama - Michael Haltman

Medal Of Honor Recipient PFC Walter C. Monegan, Jr. - Carl

‘Hamas’ demonstrators in Miami attack a Jewish reporter! (Video) - Michael Haltman

Rick Perry’s Disgusting Mockery of Border Crisis! - John Lillipop

Why Not Sue AND Impeach? - John Lillipop

PGR Mission Alert: Timothy S. Stauffer - Carl

Obama Part 2: FALSE HOPE, FALSE MESSIAH (Video) - Michael Haltman

Graphic Video: This is the enemy the Left wants to negotiate with! - Michael Haltman

Must Watch Video: How Obama Was Elected Not Once But Twice! - Michael Haltman

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