Obama Misusing FAA to Pressure & Punish Israel? - John Lillipop

“Obscene Profits” or Dead Broke: Which Is it, Hillary? - John Lillipop

You Go, Governor Perry! - John Lillipop

Jeb Bush: Whither Unique “Love” that Drives Illegals to Invade America? - John Lillipop

A Proposed Hispanic Amendment to the US Constitution - John Lillipop

While Billionaire Bill Gates Pushes for More Foreign Workers, Microsoft Axes 18,000! - John Lillipop

Hispanic Racist, Linda Sanchez Continues to Play Racial Politics! - John Lillipop

Ignore Elitist Billionaires Who Support Amnesty for 3rd World Illegals! - John Lillipop

FED UP With Illegal Aliens, Barack Obama, RINOs, and all Democrats! - John Lillipop

Whither Obama Defiance of Law Re Current Illegals? - John Lillipop

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