alivejohanssenHello there, and welcome to American Conservative Daily. My name is Alice Johansen, and I write for American Conservative Daily blog-site. I do not belong to any polical party party in US, and the information that’s being published on the website is just my opinion, – not that it doesn’t matter but there’s a difference between something official and just a personal opinion.

From the very early age I’ve been drawn to politics, and as a young American girl, I always felt very lonely in this field. I remember when my girlfriends used to buy magazines to read, I would by journals about politics, read about politicians, read their political campaign information, so on and so forth.

What I (personal opinion once again!) – see is that right wing conservatives are being represented incorrectly. When you see a bigger picture, these two words they are never in one sentence correctly. At least not in the sentence that makes sense – young people, and right wing conservatives. And it upsets me, upsets couple of friends of mine, my parents, my fellow students at Manchester University (where I studied International Politics).

It’s kind of becoming a joke among us (young people who are into politics) – that the only political awareness and education young people get these days are from House of cards, it’s sad, it’s funny, but its true.

So this is why I started this blogsite, – because I wanna be that fresh breeze, and show what I see to you guys. Maybe some of you guys will get hooked up on this interesting, ever-changing game called Politics.

If you have questions, – suggestions, maybe even criticisms, – feel free to email me at – I will get back to you. I really appreciate each and every message, because it means that you care, and as long as you care – it means the world to me.