What To Bring To Your Marines’ Graduation Ceremony

Carl | February 5, 2014 

Marine Scotts Mom at the Parris Island Family & Friends Support Center has put together a list of things to bring along, as well as some tips and tricks so that when the time for your recruit’s graduation comes, you will be “good to go.”

Now that this wonderful event, the EGA ceremony, is over and you have received your long awaited phone call, all that will be left to do is get in the car and get there. And maybe grab a few things for the road. To help with this over the past year I have been accumulating a list of things to make the trip a little easier. Don’t worry if you forget something or aren’t sure what to get because there is a Wal-Mart about 10 min from the island and there are at least 3 places to get shirts and such for family day. Good luck to all, enjoy your day and once again Congratulations and Welcome to the family.

. Video Camera
. Umbrella (hope we don’t have to use it)
. CD’s of music your recruit likes to listen to on the way home (in case there is a chance to listen in between all the catching up)
*For those of you needing strollers or wheelchairs I believe that I read somewhere that PI doesn’t have them
-sunglasses there might be a glare from the early morning sunrise while we are watching the motto run.
-banners, flags, buttons and other items for the moto run.and family day
-a sharpie if you are bringing a flag or banner for your son/daughter to have the platoon sign
-Your platoon shirts for family day, if you still need to get them or any other things for the occasion here are the two local stores that have the best supplies other than the island THE CORPS STORE is located at 2535 Boundary Street and 860 Parris Island Gateway in Beaufort, S.C
The Recruit’s Depot is in Shell Point Plaza shopping center on the left side of the road at the intersection of
Savannah Hwy (SC-802) and Parris Island Gtwy (Route 280).
-if you are video taping make sure you bring an extra tape in case there is more to see than you anticipate, and a tripod so you can keep your hands free to use those Kleenex.
*Telephoto lens for your camera if you use one
*The list of phone numbers to the restaurants or pizza place if you are ordering food in.
.* Be prepared when it comes to lunch for your family/new Marine on Family Day…lines are SUPER long. There are picnic areas on PI if you want to bring your own. There is a burger place, subways(in the bowling alley), and Traditions which is a in doors sit down has spaghetti, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad. Other items. There are also a few others if you don’t mind driving to them The recruits eat free at all of them!
Also – The visitors center sells “box lunches” from subways. and quite a few places in Beaufort deliver to PI
Big Joes Bar B Q 843-770-0711

a small LED flashlight,
Your new Marine’s favorite snacks for the ride/flight home
*****Car registration ,Insurance card, license(ID)-you will need this to get on base if you don’t have the pass for family day and graduation, you will also need it if you want to get onto base on Wednesday to see the Museum(Hint Hint)

While packing remember your Marine will have 2 sea bags, dress bag, and a ditty bag to fit in your car, so you will need to pack light, bring an extra car or if you have a small car get one of those turtle packs for the top of your car to put the extra bags in.

. Be sure to pack your new Marine some civilian clothes for the trip home If you don’t have an idea about their new and improved size ASK now so you will have time to get a reply from them!)If they aren’t sure don’t worry there is a Wal-Mart 10 minutes from the island. Some may want to travel in their uniform but others will want to change out. Even if they say they want to stay in uniform now bring the clothes any way, they may change their minds the day of graduation.

While we are on clothing, a very big topic that has been on this board is what will I wear to family day and graduation? It really is quite simple, anything goes within reason. Just remember to be respectful, consider your Marine and take into account the time of year and weather. Ex. For family day most wear their company/battalion shirts. Shorts (not too short), or pants There is a lot of walking so remember that for your feet. For graduation it has been a combination. Some wear shirts like they did for family day, with shorts or jeans, others go to the other extreme and wear skirts, dresses, slacks, dress shirts. Suits. The un-written rule for graduation is casual dressy. Just remember that you may be meeting his/her instructors and you will be a reflection of your Marine, so don’t wear anything that would embarrass him/her.

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