Good-bye, Jay Leno! It Was Sometimes Good to Know Ya!

Gene Lalor | February 6, 2014 

James Douglas MuirJayLeno is scheduled to depart NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, after 20 briefly-interrupted years, on Thursday. 

Headed for some parts unknown and some known, Leno will be sorely missed–especially because his envious nemesis, Dave Letterman, will now have his best chance to rule the late night airwaves for a while as Jimmy Fallon tries to fill Steve Allen’s and Jack Parr’s and Johnny Carson’s and Leno’s oversized shoes.

young-jay-leno  Contrasted with Letterman, Leno could be considered a moderate prince among men, a shining, objective star among a vast field of liberal television talk-show hosts who pay their dues by sucking up to leftist politicians and by fawning over liberal celebrities, both of which Leno has long done as well–until he read the unmistakable writing on NBC’s corporate wall and figured, What do I have to lose by speaking/joking truthfully for a change? 

Leno and his writers also obviously realized that Barack Hussein Obama was now a lame duck president no longer off-limits for their barbs and could be freely ridiculed, certainly not to extent George W. Bush was mocked throughout his eight years in office but nonetheless gently stung. 

Leno and the liberal-leftists who control the entertainment media had helped elect and reelect Obama by never criticizing him or any of his many gaffes and abject failures.  Now they felt they could lift his emperor’s clothes and expose him for what he is, within reason.  After all, they still didn’t want him ridiculed too much, which could damage their well-earned credentials as Democrat Party minions.   

 The AP ran a story on Wednesday headlined, “Bill Clinton Was Jay Leno’s Top ‘Tonight’ Target” in which David Baude describes Bill Clinton as “the comic gift who kept giving” for The Chin. 

Citing a Center for Media and Public Affairs cataloguing of some 44,000 jokes Leno has cracked over the years about politicians and celebs on the “Tonight Show,” Baude revealed the numbers: 4,607 jokes concerned Bubba.  That figure compared with 3,239 yuks about Bush 43, 1,026 about Al Gore, and 1,011 about Obama, making it appear that Obama got his fair though minimal share of knocks.  However, both the Center and Baude failed to provide a time frame nor the nature nor the nature of those wisecracks.  

Are we expected to believe Leno ripped Clinton while he was president or with the same vitriol he mocked Bush?  And, how many of those 1,011 Obama jokes did he tell between 2008 and 2012?  Few, if any, I’m guessing or else he and his staff would have been sent packing long ago. 

Still, Leno never stooped to the level of Letterman’s viciously partisan, gutter attacks on Bush, abuse he continues six years after Bush vacated the White House and returned to Texas. 

for one of Rosie O'donnell  Not a big favorite of Hollywood or other liberal elitists who may be resentful of his 34 year marriage to the same woman, (imagine that!), or due to nagging  suspicions he wasn’t really one of them or, possibly, due to his religion that he never mentions, Leno is going out at the top of his game and at the top of the ratings despite once being called a “bully” and ”classless” by the uber-classy Rosie O’Donnell over d’affaire Conan O’Brien.

Jay Leno is no Will Rogers and doesn’t pretend to be and, reflecting a fundamental humility foreign to Hollywood, has said, “I think it’s fair to say I’m no Johnny Carson” and invited his successor, Jimmy Fallon, as a guest on his Monday show. 

Jay Leno, The Top 100  I’m just hoping Jay will return to television and finally announce he’s actually been a closeted, conservative Republican all these years who despises Democrat liberal-leftist ideology.  Is that too much to hope for?  Either way, I wish him the best. 


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