Eric Holder Explains Discrimination

Gene Lalor | January 10, 2014 

That President Barack Hussein Obama and his administration are racists has been apparent to all but terminally-devoted Obamaphiles since Day One–and even before Obama took office–yet he and his underlings continue to amaze with their brazen black racist actions and statements. 

It’s fortunate for America that African-Americans have less than three years left goal to accomplish their ultimate goal.

No slouch himself when it comes to racism, (remember Cambridge police Sgt. Joe Crowley and his defense of the son he never had, Trayvon Martin?), Obama now mostly relies on fellow black racists to serve as his watercarriers.

Perhaps the most viscerally racist member of the administration, Eric Holder arrogantly displayed his sentiments even before his confirmation as A.G., the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, when he referred to white people as “a nation of cowards” and subsequently refused to prosecute New Black Panthers in a cut-and-dried, 2008 white-voter intimidation case in Philadelphia.

Holder and his Department further revealed themselves as black racists when it was announced the DoJ would only prosecute white civil rights violators and would not make federal cases of non-white school bullies.  His civil rights division was irrefutably exposed for what they are by the highly-reputable former DoJ attorney J. Christian Adams who was never refuted since refutation was impossible.

AG Holder has now taken on what he considers inequities in school disciplinary actions against what he has called, “his people.”

It’s true that black students have been disciplined, suspended, and expelled at triple the rate of white kids according to government data even though blacks composed only 15% of students in the data collection.  Black students, a third of the total number of students, were suspended once, 44% were suspended more than once, and 33% were expelled.

Disregarding the fact that over half of students involved in school-related arrests or referred to local police were Hispanic or black, Holder and his cohorts in Obama’s Department of Education have ”suggested” to administrators in American public schools that they cease and desist in punishing disruptive black and Hispanic students.

Premising his non-binding recommendations on the very tenuous proposition that “his people” are being discriminated against because of their race–and not because many of them are seemingly incapable of conducting themselves in a civilized manner whether in or outside schools–America’s Justice-in-Chief has determined that racism is the fundamental cause of public school disciplinary actions, suspensions, and expulsions. 

That thinking is par for the Obamian course.  It’s tantamount to believing racism in America is still the province of white Americans whereas black Americans gained the upper racist hand five years ago and are now in process of exacting revenge.


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