Sean Hannity v. Anthony Weiner

Gene Lalor | October 11, 2013 

Some cynics thought talk show host Sean Hannity’s invite to former Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner to appear on his aptly-titled Fox News Channel “Hannity” was intended to hype the host’s ratings. Others believed the invitation for Wednesday night was a joke.  Still others thought the conservative Hannity merely wanted to engage the ultra-liberal, ultra-arrogant Weiner in a serious discussion of today’s political and social issues.

I think the purposes were a combination of all of the above.

Sean Hannity Spreads Dangerous Misinformation about California  With almost 14 million regular listeners on his 3-hour afternoon radio show on ABC–second only to Rush Limbaugh–and with a cable audience second only to Bill O’Reilly, Hannity hardly needed Anthony “The Crotch” Weiner to boost his Nielsen’s but he does love a good joke–and enjoys good give-and-take with lefties even more.

In case anyone missed it, see the entire 8 minute+ interview, what called an “epic brawl” over the shutdown, the ongoing fight over the debt ceiling, “and, of course, the penis-shaped elephant in the room” here

True to his obnoxious self, the acid-tongued, argumentative Weiner bobbed and dodged Hannity’s questions relating to Weiner’s sexting, his professed hatred of Hannity, his ambition for a regular slot on MSNBC, accused Hannity of being “defensive,” and generally tried to dominate the interview as if he were the host.  Weiner even invoked the words of Ollie North’s Iran-Contra attorney Brendan Sullivan, “What am I, a potted plant?” when Hannity told him he was asking questions rather than giving answers. 

(In any event, potted plants have far more integrity than Anthony Weiner.) 

Perhaps the most entertaining feature of the epic brawl occurred toward the end of the interview when the ethically-challenged former congressman denied he was itching to join the likes of Al Sharpton on MSNBC and said,  “Fox apparently has much lower standards. I’d much rather have a job on Fox.”  Hannity quickly responded, “Oh, ouch. Ooh. You want me to talk about low standards? You really wanna go there?” 

Weiner obviously didn’t.

Unfortunately, very little interview time was devoted to 42 year old Weiner’s sexting scandal involving 23 year old Sydney Leathers and a bunch of other women that drove him out of Congress and even less time to his subsequent admission in July, 2013 that he sent “explicit photos” of his genitalia under the alias “Carlos Danger” to a 22-year-old woman.

Were “Carlos” not an arch liberal-leftist, I would be astonished that any rational individual would appear in public after being publicly exposed as a serial pervert, no less appear on Sean Hannity’s Fox show where Weiner exposed himself (pun intended) as an un-reconstructed fruitcake.

wmob001.jpg  Poor Anthony/Carlos actually believes he can recover his reputation and career following his admitted and repeated lapses in basic human proprieties.  After all, he has said, he lost his bid for New York City’s mayoralty only because of his last name, its associations with Oscar Meyer’s weiners–and, possibly, to his passing resemblance to a tube steak?

Given the poor memories of Democrat voters and the indulgences afforded to perverts by the Democrat Party to their own, Weiner may very well become the next Democrat National Committee chairman since he fits the profile of a loudmouth party hack.

Stranger things have happened in the Democrat Party.  Remember Bill Clinton?


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