Newsday’s Kathy Young on the Muslim War on Christianity and Her War on Rand Paul

Gene Lalor | October 17, 2013 

Rand Paul's 'Here's to Crime' Act | FrontPage Magazine  Rand Paul: “The president tries to gloss over who is attacking and killing Christians. The media describes the killings as ‘sectarian’ But the truth is, there is a worldwide war on Christians by a fanatical element of Islam.”

Making Fed appointment about gender is truly sexist - Cathy Young  Kathy Young: “It is unfortunate when some on the right use bigotry toward Christians in Islamic countries to preach against Muslims–as if a free society should respond to intolerance with intolerance.  The rhetoric reinforces fears that calling attention to the persecution of Christians may stoke anti-Muslim animus.”

Rand Paul, conservative/libertarian United States senator from Kentucky, seems to have wildly different views on the almost-daily, almost-worldwide  atrocities committed by Muslims against Christians than Kathy Young, op-ed columnist for the liberal-slanted Newsday and a regular contributor to the leftist Reason magazine and

It’s odd, sort of, that the Christian Rand Paul and the Jewish Kathy Young should regard the hateful and violent actions of the so-called “religion of peace” so differently since both Christianity and Judaism have long been under attack by Islamic crazies, odd but explicable since Young sees the world and Muslim hatred and violence from her distorted liberal perspective and Paul sees the world from an American point of view.

In the Newsday article, “Young: Oppression of Christians Gets Political,” she references Rand Paul’s speech last Friday at the Values Voters Summit in Washington in which he told attendees that the media and others continue to ignore “a worldwide war on Christianity.”

While conceding Paul’s “grim” facts regarding jihadists’ murderous Christian oppression in Muslim Syria, Pakistan, and Egypt, Young argues that, “In fact, the world hasn’t entirely looked the other way” based on the European Parliament’s and Amnesty International’s condemnation of violence against Christians, actions she admits some consider “muted,” i.e., useless and toothless.

Before she mocked Christian objections to saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” Young makes a startling admission–for a liberal–in explaining the world’s muted response to Islam’s anti-Christian mayhem.

As she writes, ”One likely reason is that mainly liberal Western journalists aren’t used to seeing Christians–the majority in the West, often seen as would-be oppressors of women, gays and religious minorities–as legitimate victims of oppression.  She thereby effectively condoned those points of view which she followed with criticism of American conservatives’ ”often counterproductive” approach to the tepid reaction to Muslim barbarities.

Young cites Rand Paul for repeatedly blaming “the Obama administration for aiding Islamists in the Middle East–playing to paranoid fantasies that Obama is a Christian-hating secret Muslim and glossing over Bush-era interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan that inadvertently aided forces unfriendly to Christians” and ridiculed Paul for “including the Boston Marathon bombing this year, as a war on Christianity,” since ”the targets of terror in the West have been almost entirely secular, and its victims in Muslim-majority countries are usually other Muslims.” (

What’s ridiculous are not Rand Paul’s spot-on perceptions but Kathy Young’s glaring, partisan ignorance of reality:

—She is unaware that President Barack Hussein Obama has repeatedly and unwaveringly aided Islam and Islamists both with American taxes and verbal encouragement;

—She is oblivious of the fact that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were initially supported by most Democrats;

—She ignores the truth that the Boston Marathon bombings were indeed the work of Muslims committed to the jihadist cause;

—She forgets that Islamic terrorists don’t give a damn whether their targets are secular or religious or even fellow Muslims as long as they succeed.

Young’s most grievous demonstration of ignorance is reflected in her comment, “It is unfortunate when some on the right use bigotry toward Christians in Islamic countries to preach against Muslims–as if a free society should respond to intolerance with intolerance. The rhetoric reinforces fears that calling attention to the persecution of Christians may stoke anti-Muslim animus.”

As if any rhetoric were needed to arouse Muslim malevolence!  Ever hear of the secular target known as the World Trade Center, Ms. Young?

To paraphrase an old song, “We didn’t start this fire” but if we don’t extinguish it soon the Islamic war on Christianity at best will end up as a footnote when Muslim historians write their accounts of the establishment of their worldwide caliphate.

What an Egyptian Mob Is Said to Have Done to Two Christian  At Friday’s Values Voters Summit, Sen. Rand Paul also said, “Across the globe, Christians are under attack, almost as if we lived in the Middle Ages or if we lived under early Pagan Roman rule. . . It’s almost as if that is happening again throughout the Middle East.”



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