Letters From MCRD Parris Island 10

Carl | June 25, 2013 

Once again, by popular demand, we are re-posting a series of our most popular articles, based upon letters we received from our daughter when she was going through Boot Camp at Parris Island.

In this letter from Marine Corps Boot Camp at Parris Island, Marine Recruit Andrews seemed to have a pretty good handle on things.

“Dear Mom and Dad,

Hello from your now riot-control trained daughter.

The gas chamber burned! We kept our masks on, but you peel off the side to let the gas in (breaking the seal), and then you press the button in to “don and clear” the mask. Done properly it should take no more than nine seconds.

We also ran 3 miles for PT the other day, I ran mine in 26:54-not too bad.
We are at a different squadbay right now for the rifle range, it was about a six mile hike to get here.
The hikes are probably the worst part of Boot Camp because it’s difficult to sound off with a weapon slung on your shoulder while carrying a huge pack on your back.
I feel kind of important because we are in woodland green cammies and our name tags are on them.

I’m really nervous about the range because if you accidently point your weapon at someone you get dropped as a safety violator.

By the way, I left my address book and training matrix back at the other squadbay, so can you send me Grandma and Grandpa’s address, the Zip Code for Taco Bell, and another Training Matrix?

I’ve been quarterdecked again.
The D.I.’s told us to blouser our boots and I didn’t hear the order so I got quarterdecked.
I still owe them one because when we were at clothing issue I forgot something was in my bag and I threw the bag away.
We’ve been quarterdecked twice as a platoon, once because we didn’t sound off loudly enough during a class and once during drill, oh well.

While we are at the range we are eating in a male chow hall and it’s weird eating this food because they give us a more balanced meal.

When I graduate, I can’t wait for the car ride home because I am SO tired!
There are no afternoon naps at Parris Island. I’m falling asleep as I’m writing this.

That’s about all that I can think of for now so I’m going to wrap this up so I can get squared away.”



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