Marine Corps Boot Camp: Not All Recruits Make It

Carl | May 13, 2013 

(Based on conversations I had with my daughter when she was home on leave after having completed Marine Corps Boot Camp at Parris Island. I will try and recall our conversations as accurately as possible, but I may make a mistake along the way.

The parts in italics are mine, the rest will be her words, again, to the best of my memory.)

So, in your letters home, you would mention this on or that one getting dropped.
I thought that meant that they got sent home, it wasn’t until someone on a forum got me squared away that I realized I had it bass-ackwards.
Help your old man out and clear that up for me a little.


When I would say that someone got dropped, it meant one of three things.

If they got injured or got sick, but it wasn’t something severe enough to cause them to be sent home, they would be sent to FRP, Female Rehabilitation Platoon.
(MRP for males, naturally)

If they couldn’t measure up to some aspect of the boot camp training, such as being able to pass the CFT, or if they failed to qualify after a set number of attempts at the rifle range, they would be “dropped” in the respect that they would be sent to another platoon to do that phase over again.
In the case of the phsical aspect of it, you might get sent to the Physical Conditioning Platoon to whip you into shape
That must have sucked because not only were you going to be at boot camp that much longer, but now you were going into a platoon as an outsider.

Or, if you were stupid enough not to make sure you could pass the IFT when you first got to Parris Island, you might get sent to the Physical Conditioning Platoon.

And the last one was the RSP, the Recruit Separation Platoon.
This is where you went if you were being shipped home.
Most often this would happen because someone suffered an injury that was bad enough to keep them from finishing boot camp any time soon, or lying about a medical condition.

So how many girls did you start off with, and how many did you lose?
You don’t have to tell me about each and every one, just what you can remember.

In my platoon we started off with 66 females, and 13 of them wound up getting dropped.

One got dropped because she hadn’t told anyone she had been taking ADD medication
Our Senior Drill Instructor picked up on her not being focused on the task at hand.
When the SDI confronted her about it she came clean.

Another recruit got dropped because it turns out she had asthma.
She had it when she was a kid, but her and her family doctor must have figured she outgrew it.
I can remember the one drill instructor was kind of talking to herself, asking how anyone could be dumb enough not to be sure that they didn’t have any breathing problems before they joined the Marine Corps.

Isn’t that somtehing that should have been caught during her physical?

I don’t know.
I asked someone about that and they told me that if she didn’t mention it and it wasn’t obvious during her med check at MEPS, that’s probably how she kept it hidden.

Another girl, I’m not sure what happened to her, it was either stomach bleeding or intestinal bleeding, I heard that she got sent to FRP and then would probably cycle into November Company, which would only put her a few weeks behind us.

Four failed to qualify on the rifle range and got dropped back to November Company.

One girl, I couldn’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure she got sent to Recruit Seperation Platoon.
She showed up for training one day during Grass Week.
I say showed up for training because up till then she had been on one form or another of sick call 17 times!
Then, on the day that she does show up, she’s trying to sight in her weapon, and I don’t know how the hell she did it, but the charging handle came flying back and chipped one of her teeth!
We never saw her again, and nobody cared enough to try and find out what became of her.

Two got sent home, one because it turned out that she was allergic to every bug known to man, and another one because she broke her hip.

Those are really the only ones I can remember the details of.

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