Pope Francis Gets Liberally Bashed

Gene Lalor | March 20, 2013 

As much as any geometry theorem, it was a given that the Catholic Church’s 262nd pontiff would be attacked, ridiculed, and generally vilified by the world’s liberal-leftists.  When I was a high school sophomore, I was always baffled by those theorems and refused to memorize them on principle (and due to laziness) but that was my problem. 

The attacks on Pope Francis are a lib-left problem which reveal far more about them than they do about Pope Francis.

The child of an Italian immigrant, based on his 43 years as a revered Argentine priest, archbishop, and cardinal, former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a very decent, humble, loving man who has often demonstrated a deep concern for the poor as well as genuine disdain for the trappings of high Church office and there had never been a trace of his implication in the homosexual scandals that have rocked the Church in recent decades.

Until now.

Neither the pope’s impressive résumé nor his proven character and integrity mattered a whit to ”celebrities” like W. Kamau Bell, kamau bell portrait  Mark Duplass, Albert Brooks, Liz Phair, Joe Rogan et al. who tweeted a slew of snide tweets during and following his selection as pope.

A sampling of their wit:

Bell observed, “It’s really a great distraction from all the kid rape” and “How do we know the black smoke doesn’t mean they are burning the black cardinals?  Brooks (legal surname “Einstein”) commented that “The new pope came out on the balcony, saw his shadow and realized there was (sic) six more centuries of scandals.”  Duplass asked, “White smoke means they’ve chosen a new pope?  I don’t get it.  Does that mean they burned the old one?” (http://tinyurl.com/cv55ppw)

Bell and Company thus joined smarmy Dave Letterman who has been cracking similarly offensive “jokes” nightly ever since Benedict XVI announced his resignation in February.  (Letterman: He was fired from “poping” for taking too many sips of the Eucharistic wine, to which equally-smarmy Paul Schaefer added, “cheap wine.”  Letterman: Francis is a humble man; we know that from his publicist.)

Over the weekend, Sally Quinn  In what must be the snarkiest lib-left commentary, (to date), the Washington Post’s Sally Quinn, editor of WaPo’s ”On Faith” blog, last week claimed on CBS’ Face the Nation that “so many priests are gay.”  (She failed to specify how many of the 40,000 priests she knew were homosexual,)  This week Quinn speculated on CNN’s Reliable Sources that the lack of media vetting and background checks on cardinals in her mind obviously meant, in her mind, that Pope Francis may have been involved in some scandal. (http://tinyurl.com/bosoxgx)

As she said to Howard Kurtz by way of smearing the new pope by innuendo, ”Well, you know, the problem with picking somebody unknown like that is that you don’t know what his past is, and, you know, he could possibly have been involved  in a scandal, too. I mean, there’s no background check in this case.”

And, you know, Barack Obama was an unknown who was un-vetted by, you know, the mainstream media and could possibly have been involved with, you know, left-wing revolutionaries.

A failed columnist and failed anchor at CBS Morning News and now a failed atheist blogger who  believed in and practiced “voodoo, psychic phenomenon, Scottish mysticism, palm reading, astrology, séances, and ghosts” who blogs about, of all things, “faith,” Sally Quinn sure has a wild hair when it comes to Catholic bashing and she has tons of accomplices such as Dave Letterman and W. Kamau Bell who delight in mocking or scandalizing anyone they percieve as better than they are, which is pretty much everyone.

You know?

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