Kermit Gosnell, Philadelphia’s Josef Mengele

Gene Lalor | March 21, 2013 

Kermit Gosnell, who enjoyed 17   Dr. Josef Rudolf Mengele, the German Nazi “Angel of Death,” may have had many more victims than Philadelphia’s “House of Horrors” African-American abortionist Dr. Kermit Barron Gosnell though it’s doubtful Mengele could have been any more sadistic and bloodthirsty. 

Not that it constitutes a defense of the “Angel of Death” but Mengele conducted his “human experimentation” mostly on Jewish children at the Nazi Konzentrationslager Auschwitz in the interests of science and he was assisted by concentration camp inmates Berthold Epstein, a Jewish pediatrician, and Miklós Nyiszli, a Hungarian Jewish pathologist. 

On the other hand, the Philly “House of Horrors” owner employed totally unqualified assistants to do much–not all–of the dirty work in a sick money-making business. 

That business involved operating a perfectly-legal in-America abortion practice, the Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society in Philadelphia’s inner city, and using untrained staff to snuff out the lives of his own people. 

As morally repulsive as aborting innocent pre-born babies already is, Gosnell now stands accused of upping the ante by illegally performing abortions on minors, one of whom had her child’s life terminated against her wishes, by killing one young woman in a botched abortion with an overdose of anesthesia, by murdering at least seven newborns using scissors to cut  their necks and spines, and by ordering his employees to follow his instructions on the most effective use of those handy scissors. 

baby born alive during a  One of those employees, “medical assistant” Adrienne Moton, 35, wept as she testified she had dutifully followed those instructions by slitting the throats of ”a good 10″ newly-delivered babies; another employee admitted she often “snipped” the spines of living, breathing newborns “to ensure fetal demise.”

Somewhere along the line of mercilessly slitting and snipping and extinguishing human lives, Moton apparently was subjected to a conscience attack and she took a picture of one of her little victims who she believed was nearly 30 weeks old and viable.  Moton testified that Gosnell, apparently devoid of conscience, was amused at it all and joked that “the baby was so big he could have walked to the bus stop.” 

Moton went to work for Gosnell after living with his family for years.  She earned an untaxed $10 an hour by acting as a qualified professional medical practioner and administered drugs, performed ultrasounds, assisted in abortions, and dumped dead fetuses in the garbage.  She conceded she once killed a baby who was born in a toilet by cutting its neck with Gosnell’s scissors. (

That innocent obviously was too small to swim, or walk to a bus stop.  Baby A

Compounding this abortion travesty and with little else to base a defense, Gosnell’s soulless attorney Jack McMahon shamelessly invoked the tired, old race card, contending the prosecution was racially motivated and alleged, “This is a targeted, elitist and racist prosecution of a doctor who’s done nothing but give (back) to the poor and the people of West Philadelphia. . . a prosecutorial lynching of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.”

McMahon made no reference to the 281-page Grand Jury report detailing just how the “House of Horrors” practitioner Gosnell “gave back” anything to the desperate women of West Philadelphia aside from death.  See that gruesome report here

The Grand Jury also indicated that “The premises were dirty and unsanitary. Gosnell routinely relied on unlicensed and untrained staff to treat patients, conduct medical tests, and administer medications without. supervision. Even more alarmingly, Gosnell instructed unlicensed workers to sedate patients with dangerous drugs in his absence. . . In addition, he regularly performed abortions beyond the 24-week limit prescribed by law.”  (

The saddest feature of Dr. Gosnell’s sordid activities is clearly his affection for aborting innocent lives.  However, his lawyer’s resort to the race card implicating white Americans as the cause of black Americans killing their own children certainly comes in as a close second.

When will America and Americans assert the basic truths that abortion is essentially an act of murder and that black people are being disproportionately, legally and illegally, victimized by the barbaric act.   If anyone deserves to be lynched, Dr. Kermit Barron Gosnell and Jack McMahon should be the next candidates followed by anyone else who endorses, promotes, or practices a procedure that would make Josef Mengele proud. 



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