Bill O’Reilly Loses It with Loser Alan Colmes

Gene Lalor | March 7, 2013 

  Fox News Channel’s commentator Bill O’Reilly isn’t exactly the cable version of Rush Limbaugh.

The Rush Man would never have cozied up to Barack Hussein Obama as O’Reilly did when he had the president in his sights, so to speak, and sat down with Obama before Super Bowl XLV in 2011 and tossed mainly softball questions instead of hitting him with hardball queries which could have changed the outcome of the election the following year.

Still, O’Reilly is “one of us” in that he’s fundamentally a hard-core conservative despite his repeated claims of being an “independent traditionalist,” which is tantamount to admitting he’s a hard-core conservative.

A Roman Catholic with an Irish heritage and prolific author or co-author of ten books including the best-sellers The O’Reilly Factor: The Good, the Bad, and the Completely Ridiculous in American Life, The No Spin Zone, Who’s Looking Out For You?, The O’Reilly Factor For Kids: A Survival Guide for America’s Families, Culture Warrior, Killing Lincoln, and Killing Kennedy, Bill O’Reilly was no one to be trifled with, especially by a dyed-in-the-wool, over-achieving, presumptuous, liberal nitwit like Alan Colmes. Alan Colmes

On Tuesday, the failed stand-up comedian Alan, dumped as co-host of FNC’s “Hannity and Colmes” and currently hosting “The Alan Colmes Show” on FNC Radio which virtually no one listens to, attempted to defend the ridiculous proposition that his hero has cut the federal government’s reckless spending–and wasting–in any substantive way.

Poor, hapless Alan couldn’t provide a single example of any spending cuts Obama is proposing, and for good reason: Obama and his administration have no intention of cutting back on anything, except things like White House tours and DHS airport screenings and access to national parks, cut-backs all designed to piss off the American people and which will save less than a pittance–all to gain public support for wasting more billions.

To his discredit, O’Reilly failed to maintain appropriate decorum when he called Colmes a liar to his face.  To O’Reilly’s credit, he dared to confront the scary truth that Obama has failed to cut a dime from the federal budget.

As the conservative railed against the liberal, “Give me one damn program he said he’d cut.  One program!” to which the lib responded, “It’s called entitlements” to which the conservative retorted angrily, “Not entitlements!  What program?. . . You are lying! You are lying here!”

(Granted, calling someone a liar to his face is rude and uncouth–unless that someone and the president he was defending are confirmed, baldfaced liars.  O’Reilly ended up apologizing to Colmes.  He shouldn’t have.)

See what some all calling an epical conservative-liberal confrontation here

Personally, I don’t understand what the uproar over Obama intentionally bankrupting America is all about since we elders will be long gone when the piper has to be paid.

After all, when our nation is in the hole for almost $17,000,000,000, (that’s 17 trillion dollars) what do another few hundred billion matter–except to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who will be forced to spend much of their working lives to pay off the national debt we incurred and inflicted on them.  I’ll try to compensate the kids and grandkids by bequeathing a few bucks to them but they had better spend it in a hurry before those bucks become the equivalent of Charmin.

Somehow, I don’t think Sasha and Malia Obama will have any worries.  They will always have the residue of their daddy’s ultra-generous pension and his book royalties while my heirs struggle to put a meal on the table before a DHS drone obliterates them.

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