Who’s Yo Daddy? Who Owns Ya? Barack, of Course!

Gene Lalor | February 10, 2013 

For those who have “parental issues,” those sad folks who find just determining who fathered them to be a challenge and those sadder folk who feel a craving to be owned by someone,  black comedian Chris Rock and white actress Ellen Barkin have the answer: Barack Hussein Obama.

Chris Rock is a slave to his  Chris Rock appeared on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to endorse Obama’s gun control proposals, which was his perfectly acceptable constitutional right no matter how dumb and ridiculous his views.

However, what he said at a press conference was a tad spooky: “I am just here to support the President of the United States.  President of the United States is our boss, but he is also. . . you know, the President and the First Lady are kinda like the Mom and the Dad of the country.  And when your Dad says something you listen, and when you don’t it will usually bite you on the ass later on.  So, I’m here to support the President,” his dear old ”dad.”

Ellen Barkin Hopes Hurricane  In the same vein, Ellen Barkin, also on Wednesday, gushed on Twitter that “as long as Barack Obama is President, the people of the United States belong to him” and that she voted for Obama to “protect” all of “his” people: “ALL his ppl.The poor,the middle class,the jobless…the 1′s that need our help..I vote 4 humanity. (sic)”  In response to an incredulous fellow Tweeter, Ms. Barkin tweeted back, “Right now he is the President of our country.He is our leader & we are his people, (sic).”

I’m always intrigued by what celebrities think, say, and even tweet–not for what they think, say, or tweet but for the inanity of their thought processes.

All in the name of what he thinks is comedy, the 48 year old Christopher Julius Rock III is noted for cracking amazingly stupid, vulgar, sexist, racist, and malicious “jokes.”  Some prime examples:

Stupid: “Doctors don’t cure shit!  The last disease doctors cured was polio, when’s the last time you met someone with polio?” Vulgar and sexist: “There are three types of women in the world: A: Women that give NO head. B: Women that give just enough head to shut ya up and my favorite C: the women that want nothing more than to suck a dick”.  Racist: “I love being famous.  It’s almost like being white, y’know?”  Malicious: “Paula Abdul judging a singing contest is like Christopher Reeve judging a dance contest!”

Rock’s references to Barack Hussein Obama as “our boss . . . [with Michelle Obama] kinda like the Mom and the Dad of the country.  And when your Dad says something you listen, and when you don’t it will usually bite you on the ass later on” clearly falls into his stupid category with nuances of racism.  They reflect the ignorance of a high school dropout raised in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant areas where too many kids haven’t a clue who fathered them.

FYI, Mr. Rock, the POTUS is the elected president not “our boss” and not in any way our daddy and the FLOTUS is his wife with no resemblance to most of our moms.

Ellen Rona Barkin has no excuses for believing that “the people of the United States belong” to Obama and that we are “his people,” no excuses except for the fact the twice-divorced actress is heading for her 59th birthday and might be a tad needy due to her flickering stardom, now reduced to playing a bigoted, conservative television grandma on “The New Normal.”

The former Bronxite of Russian-Jewish roots vividly reflected her extreme leftist attitudes when she re-tweeted a tweet last August showing she too hoped Hurricane Isaac would smash the Republican convention and dump “every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean.”

(Don’t hold back, Ellen.  Tell us what you really think!)

A year earlier, asked if she was a big fan of the Fox News Channel, Barkin responded somewhat hyperbolically, “No. I actually credit Fox News with being at the forefront of the destruction of the world we live in.”  In the same interview, she addressed critiques of her asymetrical face: ”I read that I looked like somebody who had Diane Sawyer’s face after it had been smashed up against a windshield after a boxing match.”

I feel sorry for Chris Rock and Ellen Barkin because those aging stars are terribly confused.

Rock seems so desperate to understand the black culture in America which celebrates rights while ignoring responsibilities that he has unilaterally designated a father figure for everyone.  Barkin has become a bitter older woman who revels in venom and is angry because she doesn’t look like a pre-accident Diana Sawyer and therefore needs someone to protect and ”own” her.

Chris Rock and Ellen Barkin should be advised that they don’t speak for all of us or even most of us.


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