What the Hell Is Wrong with Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago?

Gene Lalor | February 8, 2013 

Chicago Skyline  The once-great city of Chicago, Carl Sandburg’s “City of the Big Shoulders” and adopted hometown of President Barack Hussein Obama, is rapidly devolving into what many are calling the murder capital of America with more homicides than the total of U.S. troop killings last year in Afghanistan–500 in 2012, a 28% increase over 2011, and at least 40 this January.

Contrast Chicagoland’s numbers, a city with 2.8 million residents, with those of New York City’s 8.3 million inhabitants and barely over 400 homicides and it would seem the Windy City is more like ”Murder City.”  Another year like 2012 and the Windy City might have to be re-nicknamed despite boasting some of the most stringent gun control laws in the nation, a long-term ban on assault weapons and high-capacity clips, and the absence of a single gun shop.

All this gun violence claptrap about our Second City is surely attributable to gun nuts who would like to blame the inept leadership of President Obama’s former Chief of Staff Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the abject failure of the city’s public school system (CPS) formerly headed by Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan and black youth gangs running amok and a pervasive liberal mentality that sucks all sense of civility from anyone unfortunate enough to live under such conditions.

David Axelrod Shaves His  However, none of those slanders hold any water–as definitively explained by Obama’s close political advisor David Axelrod.  In point of fact, people killing people in Chicago as if the town were Dodge City in the late 19th century is all due to someone else.

In an interview on (where else?) MSNBC, Axelrod gave the reasons for the ongoing mayhem: “We live in Chicago, and one of the reasons we have such a huge problem in this city is that all around us are areas with weak laws and with very lax background checks and a lot of illegal guns flow into this city.”

See mealy-mouthed Dave pass the murder buck here http://tinyurl.com/avlte5t.

So, there you have it folks.  Unable to blame George W. Bush for a change, Axelrod finds that the fault lies not in the stars above Chicago nor with Rahm Emanuel, nor with a failed CPS, nor with black gangs, nor with liberalism.  The fault, dear citizenry, simply has to lie elsewhere.

What baloney!

Rahm Emanuel has vowed not  Axelrod does grant in the MSNBC interview that lax neighboring localities are only “one of the reasons we have such a huge problem” in Chicago but he curiously doesn’t address the various other “huge” problems facing Chicagoland, especially its Democrat Mayor Rahm Israel Emanuel who, not coincidentally, assumed office just as the chaos in Chicago began and set the tone for the city’s future.

Axelrod doesn’t mention that, among other snarky and violent things, the ever-smirking mayor once sent a rotting fish to a pollster he didn’t like, told Bill Clinton he “should have messed around with a goyish girl,” meaning a Gentile rather than the Jewish Monica Lewinsky, and said that Republicans are “bad people who deserve a two-by-four upside their heads.”

Axelrod doesn’t cite the Chicago PD’s decision this week to ignore 9-11 calls involving “criminal damage to property, vehicle thefts, garage burglaries, or other crimes in which the suspect is no longer on the scene, and the victim isn’t in immediate danger” thereby surrendering to the reality that Chicago criminality is out of control.

Axelrod doesn’t refer to the black flash mobs who regularly and with impunity wreaked mindless havoc on Whites and Asians along the upscale Gold Coast and Streeterville on Michigan Avenue and throughout the Chicago area and other liberal-governed cities. 

Axelrod ignores multiple instances of black on white crime in Chicago and other cities like Baltimore where a white man was recently beaten, stripped naked and robbed while a black girl danced around him and a black man pummeled him, knocked him to the ground, and taunted him.

Most notably, Axelrod avoids referencing the most damning truths concerning liberalism, that it is a proven failure whenever and wherever it has been governmentally-institutionalized, not that that truth has ever discouraged liberals from trying and trying again and again.

What the hell is wrong with Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago?  To answer that question, start with Rahm Emanuel and then see updates on Chicago’s 2013 crime record: http://crimeinchicago.blogspot.com/.

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