The SOTU and the MSM

Gene Lalor | February 14, 2013 

Debbie Wasserman Schultz  Virtually everything President Barack Hussein Obama said in his fifth State of the Union  speech to Congres and to the American people was predicted by both liberals and conservatives although no one on the Right reacted as orgasmically as DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who thought the SOTU was maybe only a tad less impressive than the Gettysburg Address.

Obama was as predictable as his lackey Dave Letterman was in mocking the parched Sen. Marco Rubio for grabbing a drink of Poland Spring during the Republican SOTU rebuttal. Marco Rubio drinks water

Something not nearly as predictable were two of the president’s prime MSM allies, the Associated Press and the, contradicting him and correcting his lies, distortions, and misrepresentations by fact-checking his speech.  It must give pause for a lame duck to see his own media finally reporting somewhat accurately after his extended honeymoon of 4+ years.

In an article titled ”State of the Union Fact Check: Obama’s Big Speech Scrutinized” (reprinted in its entirety by Huffpo) the AP points out that the president’s claims of creating 6 million new jobs, doubling the gas mileage of new cars, reducing health care costs with Obamacare, forcing illegal aliens to the back of the immigration line, touting the benefits of the Head Start program, and saving the planet with executive actions are all either exaggerated claims or outright lies, although the AP would or could never use that pejorative noun when discussing its former Anointed One.

Of course, fact-checkers are always suspect as proven by the internet’s pre-eminent fact-checking source,, and other liberals when they unequivocably verified that Mitt Romney was wrong in almost everything he said during the last campaign.  (

Those politically-motivated, false non-factoids, no doubt approved by the Obamians, went a long way in re-electing Obama.

The Associated Press fact-checked only a sampling of Obama’s “cherry-picking” claims in his SOTU address but the fact the AP fact-checked any of them represents a positive step forward for America’s mainstream media.  We can always hope for miracles, that the MSM collectively come to realize their journalistic and ethical reponsibilities rest not in serving as apologists for the president of the United States but as spokesmen for the people of the United States.

The AP couldn’t resist a snarky reference to Sen. Rubios’s rebuttal and dismissing his contention that “The real cause of our debt is that our government has been sending $1 trillion dollar more than it takes in every year.”  Reasonable, no?  The AP says, No!  The reasons Obama has been pissing away the nation’s treasury and our future is the Great Recession and, anyway, all countries do it! (

Nevertheless, despite the AP’s Timothy Gethner-approach to economics, it’s nice to see anyone in Obama’s MSM conceding that President Barack Hussein Obama is not only very fallible but highly-skilled prevaricator–and someone who has chugged from water bottles during speeches even more often than he has walked on water.

U.S. President Obama drinks   Barack Obama drinks water  Protecting our drinking water  Barack Obama D-Ill.,




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