Dr. Ben Carson v Rep. Jan Schakowsky, God v the Godless

Gene Lalor | February 11, 2013 

The Democrat Party lost its way some 40 or 50 years ago when it began its evolution from a loyal, God-fearing, legitimate political institution into a disloyal, God-hating, divisive, racist, politically-correct group of angry socialists intent on destroying the national fabric that binds America together.

A classic example: the Democrat reaction to Benjamin Carson.

Dr. Ben Carson with his grand-  Dr. Benjamin Carson’s outstanding, non-partisan address to the National Prayer Breakfast on February 7th should have been a seminal moment for President Barack Hussein Obama who was seated on the stage in Washington, D.C. while Dr. Carson brilliantly dismantled both the principles and practices of Obamacare, exposed the idiocy of Obama’s economic policies, and demonstrated the fallacies of political correctness.

The president surely must have finally realized that his legacy program and tax policies not only had serious and articulate opponents but that his ideas are fundamentally flawed.

And, maybe not.

Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) was  Three days later Obama’s storm trooper in the person of leftist Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky, apparently shocked by Dr. Carson’s honesty and certainly disturbed by the validity of his views, dutifully rode to Obama’s defense by attacking, not the acclaimed physician’s honesty or theories but his audacity in referencing God, Jesus Christ, and biblical citations to support his opinions.

The pro-abortionist wife of an ex-convict told Candy Crowley on CNN, “I think it’s really–not really an appropriate place to make this kind of political speech, and to invoke God as support for that kind of view”–at a prayer breakfast.

Schawkowsky then took the opportunity to score some political points of her own by attempting to explain, in a semi-coherent palaver and without citing any specific points mentioned by Dr. Carson, “I think of most of all the kind of message that he was giving shows a real empathy gap with where the American people are right now, and I think it’s reflective of where many of the Republicans and Tea Parties are right now, that we need to have an economy that works for everyone.”

What “kind of message”?  The message that the indigent must be provided for?  Does that represent Schakowsky’s “empathy gap”?  Was she saying that Republicans and Tea Partiers don’t want “an economy that works for everyone”?  What do they want, the moribund economy we have now?  Precisely what was she saying about a speech at a prayer breakfast aside from ripping Dr. Carson’s unseemly invocation of religion?

See and hear the doctor’s address here http://tinyurl.com/dyao3lj and the representative’s ramblings here http://tinyurl.com/a2k7zfj.  Judge for yourself who is most representative of mainstream America.

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