Boot Camp Memories: The Squadbay

Carl | February 13, 2013 

(This is my attempt to remember what my daughter told me about her time at boot camp on Parris Island.
I’m not going to relate each and every detail, I’ll just hit the high points.
The parts in italics are mine. the rest will be her words, again, to the best of my memory.)

Re-printed by popular demand

I think we were in our squadbay maybe two nights with our receiving drill instructors, they taught us things like how to make up our rack, how to roll our sleeves properly, things like that.

They also introduced us to scrubbing a deck.

As it happened, there were some scuzzbrushes in the gear locker, but there wasn’t any of the laundry detergent we would use to scrub the deck.
Of course, this early on, we had no idea what the normal routine was.
So when one of the drill instructors squirted apple shampoo all over the deck and started to scream that she wanted to see “tiny bubbles, tiny bubbles”, the ones who had scuzzbrushes shouted out “Aye Ma’am” and started scrubbing the deck.

We all wound up spending plently of time doing the deck, but it seemed like the ones who were either fouling up all of the time, or the diet trays, did it more often.

Whoa, hold on a second, that’s the first time I’ve heard that one, what the hell are “diet trays?”

Diet trays are kids who come to boot camp that aren’t really in shape as far as the weight requirements go.
They are called diet trays because that is what they were put on for meals, and I think that they wound up scrubbing the deck more often was a way for the drill instructors to give them a little extra PT.

That’s really about it for the squadbay, there isn’t much to tell because we didn’t get to spend an awful lot of time there.

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