Really? Troops Meals Being Downsized

Move America Forward | January 18, 2013 

There have been rumors circulating through social media and chain e-mails claiming that our troops overseas are no longer receiving hot meals for breakfast or midnight 4th meal. Some claim it’s due to budget cuts, others say it’s logistics, but the rumors are flying that troops are only getting lunch and dinner provided.

January 15, 2013             

Posted by Steve Weigand             
“An Internet rumor that American troops in Afghanistan no longer get breakfast has prompted a response from the Pentagon via Twitter.                          

A chain email says the last-minute deal Congress passed to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff” also denies breakfast to troops in Afghanistan.                          

The email garnered enough attention that rumor-debunking site picked up on it and rated the email “partly true” since some bases stopped serving hot breakfasts as they get ready for the drawdown.”

The DoD has tried to fight the rumors by reassuring people through their twitter feed, that troops are getting 4 meals a day, but even according to the DoD’s best spin, they’re saying two of those meals are MRE rations. Our troops deserve better.
If you think our troops deserve better, how about sending a care package filled with GOOD tasting food that’s also portable, like powdered Gatorade or hot cocoa that can easily be mixed in minutes, or cookies and beef jerky that stay safe and delicious for weeks.

It is comforting to know that the DoD is doing the best they can to provide for our troops. We can do better! Some troops are even revealing through facebook or e-mails home to their families, that the DoD statement on twitter doesn’t really tell the whole story…

I am here and its breakfast time and the dining facility is CLOSED. There were a box of MREs out at dinnertime last night for the taking, but no one seemed to be taking them (no surprise)…so, I surmise, most, like myself, are simply skipping the most important meal of the day. Bad decision by someone. Hot chow in the morning is not only good, its good for morale

- Anonymous Soldier Posted on Facebook              featured in Home Post, San Diego Military Blog             
My nephew is over there and he is not getting breakfast any longer the mess hall was open 24 hours is now open 3 hours for lunch and 3 hours for dinner if he wants cold cereal for breakfast he has to go to the other side of the base, if they are on a mission for several days and come back they have to wait until the mess hall is open.

- John G.              written to Home Post, San Diego Military Blog             

Here’s an example of some items a soldier might find in his or her “Breakfast” MRE.

Compare that to what the troops receive in a MAF care package. There’s no comparison, really. The MRE provides nutrition, but no taste, while a care package from home gives a soldier the goodies that taste great, the personal care items that make deployment a little easier, and the morale boost from knowing that someone back home cares and appreciates their service. Our troops need us more than ever. They don’t complain about situations like this, they simply tough it out, but we know that we can give them better! Sponsor a care package now and give our troops the support they need! CLICK HERE TO SEND SUPPORT NOW!


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  1. Bob Kittridge on January 18th, 2013 9:35 am

    Have the food stamp President send them some food stamps.

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