PGR Mission Alert: Nicholas P. Kapitanic, USA, Vietnam Veteran

Carl | January 23, 2013 

Daniel Kapitanic wrote:

This will be the hardest mission request I’ll ever do.
Nick 61 was my brother.
He passed on 2 Jan 2013.
He was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, a member of the Civil Air Patrol then
he signed up for the Army on 26 Dec 1970 requesting duty in Viet Nam.

His MOS stateside was aircraft maintenance.
In Viet Nam he was a photographer on aerial recon missions
He was in Nam in 71/72.
After being wounded with shrapnel my brother refused a purple heart saying others deserved it more than him.

Nick had three children, 2 girls and a boy.
He is survived by his three children a nephew a grand daughter and myself.

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Mission is as follows:

Mon 28 Jan 2013
Staging at the crossroads resturant located at the intersection of Rt 2 and Rt 7at 1100 hrs
KSU at 1120 hrs to the Mealey funeral home Limestone and Milltown Rds

1130 hrs until 1245hrs flag line at the entrance
1310 hrs approx. flag line for moving our Hero to the hearse

Escort to Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetary

Upon arrival flag line for moving our Hero into the building
1400 hrs Flag line at the DVMC by the flag poles

I will be leading the hearse during the escort to the DVMC

I can only ask that you try to make time to honor this hero my brother.
As usual iron horses preferred but cages are more than welcome.

Dress for the weather. It’s supposed to be warmer starting Mon.

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