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Natl Center For Public Policy Research | December 10, 2012 

Why Can Costas     Speak, But Not Limbaugh?

Liberals are complaining that Bob Costas     has been criticized for his anti-gun rant during halftime, while Rush     Limbaugh is allowed to share his views.  We point out that the NFL is     an anti-conservative zone, as Rush Limbaugh has been all-but-banned from     team ownership and commentary because he’s an outspoken conservative.      Full story here.

The DOJ Gave a     Fake Excuse for Its Work Against Voter ID

Attorney General Eric Holder claimed in     2011 that the DOJ’s work against voter ID came about because he     “heard a consistent drumbeat of concern from many Americans”     about voter ID.  But when the National Center’s Justin Danhof filed a     FOIA request to DOJ to learn more, the DOJ said it had no record of any     such communications.  And the DOJ waited six months past the legal     FOIA deadline of May 11 to reveal this — on November 9.  Full story     from Human Events, the Washington     Examiner,     One News Now or the National Center’s own press release.


2012 Hurricane     Season Ends: NOAA Prediction WRONG AGAIN!  And – Did NOAA Cheat in     2011?

The 2012 hurricane season ended last week     with another loss for federal hurricane predictors at NOAA, which is wrong     more often than right. Meanwhile, the National Center reveals that 800     pages of NOAA documents obtained through a FOIA request show NOAA may have     “cheated” in 2011… and it may have done so to beat a     hurricane prediction contest against two fifth-graders.  Full     story and video link here.

Obama Won – Don’t     Complain

Liberals, you got what you wanted, says     Project 21′s Bob Parks.  So when you can’t find a job, find     electricity and gas prices rising, find yourself paying more for health     insurance and worse, don’t complain. And Republicans who have no message     shouldn’t complain either, he says. Full story here.


You Can’t Do     Manufacturing on Solar, Wind, or Hamster Power

God blessed America with abundant sources     of energy in the form of oil, natural gas and about 10,000 years’ worth of     coal – more fossil fuel reserves than anywhere else on the     planet.  But thanks to our federal government, most of these blessings     are completely off-limits.  Full story here.

As the FDA Sees     It, ObamaCare Demands the Restaurants, Food Franchises, Certain Grocery     Stores and Others Invest in 14,536,183 Work-Hours Worth of New Signs

A little-known, last-minute provision     added to the ObamaCare legislation allows the Food and Drug Administration     to require so many new signs for restaurants, groceries, convenience     stores, pizza delivery franchises and more that it will cost the stores billions.      They’ll respond by reducing choices to eliminate the need for so many     signs — and by raising prices.  The feds even want to regulate fonts!     Full story here.


Project 21′s Stacy     Swimp Gets Cell Phone Smashed by Union Protesters in Lansing, But Lays     Seeds for Growth with Rank-and-File

Project 21′s Stacy Swimp had a run-in with     labor union protestors in Michigan yesterday that left him with a smashed     cell phone, but also with optimism about the ability of conservatives to     reach rank-and-file union members with our message.  Full story here.

Obama’s     Heavy-Handed Regulators Prefer Sound Bites to Sound Science

The Obama administration’s environmental     regulatory approach has been to replace dispassionate risk assessment with     agenda-driven campaigns that favor sound bites over sound science.     Congressional oversight committees need to ask some tough questions, says     National Center Risk Assessment Division chief Jeff Stier in an op-ed in     the Washington Examiner.  Full story here.


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