Memo to Hillary Clinton’s Doctors and to New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Gene Lalor | December 31, 2012 

Memo to Hillary Clinton’s Doctors and to New York-Presbyterian Hospital: Just as a helpful reminder, it is contrary to the ethical, moral, and legal responsibilities of physicians and other health-care providers to fabricate, misrepresent, or otherwise mislead the public as to the condition of a patient, the reasons for his or her medical treatment, or the causes of his or her hospitalization. 

We mention that principally because Hillary Rodham Clinton, United States Secretary of State, was recently admitted to New York-Presbyterian Hospital on referral from her doctors after they suddenly discovered that she had developed a blood clot. 

State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary Philippe Reines, who is not a physician, indicated the clot stemmed from a concussion Clinton sustained several weeks ago, said she is being treated with anti-coagulants, will be monitored for the next 48 hours, and will resume her busy schedule later this week. 

In view of the fact blood thinning drugs have little effect on blood clots, that prognosis is very questionable. 

This cautionary advisory is also being issued since, apparently, Sec. Clinton was never examined or treated in any known American hospital on the occasion of her “concussion,” which followed the unexplained occurrence of a mysterious stomach virus which, in turn, caused the 65 year old wife of former President Bill Clinton to faint at her home, an apparent victim of dehydration from the virus.  

(She drinks beer.  Not parenthetically, the former FLOTUS has been known to enjoy imbibing alcoholic beverages.)

It should also be noted that Mrs. Clinton, long one of the most visible officials in the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama, has not be seen in public for over three weeks. 

Without delving into partisan politics, which we abhor, that time period roughly coincides with the time during which Republicans have gone from not simply asking the Secretary to testify but demanding she testify before Congress on her role in the September 11th, 2012 slaughter of our ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three other brave Americans. 

This is purely informational: Mrs. Clinton, who had initially denied all responsibility, then said the buck stops with her on blame for who caused the Benghazi atrocity, has now gone silent due, allegedly, to her various ailments. 

Far be it from us to suggest either that physicians would betray their profession or that New-York Presbyterian would willfully conceal or misrepresent the truth or actually lie to protect the Secretary of State’s political ambitions or that Hillary Rodham Clinton could stoop to the level of her “I Never Had Sex With That Woman” husband in order to get herself elected as the first woman president of the United States! 

Surely, she has more class than that!  

Today Hillary Clinton finally  However, Mrs. Clinton has been suspected of perpetrating innumerable prevarications in the past, from her incredible explanation of growing a thousand dollar investment into $100,000 within a year in notoriously risky cattle futures to the magical appearance on a White House table of long-lost critical paperwork dealing with her tenure at the Rose Law Firm to what some are calling a “diplomatic illness” arising from the Benghazi murders and her hesitancy to testify under oath about them.    

On the outside chance that Hillary really suffered through a nasty case of the hershey trots, banged her head on something, and now has a blood clot somewhere, we wish her a full and speedy recovery.  On the more probable chance Hillary manufactured all that crap so she wouldn’t be tarred as a lying, incompetent, duplicitous sack of slime, just be alert and professional.  

Again, this is just an advisory intended to warn health professionals of the temptation to join Mrs. Clinton in her slimy sack. 

May you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

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