Liberals Concoct Their Own Traditons While Ignoring Real, Honest Traditions

J.J. Jackson | December 13, 2012 

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee recently proclaimed that it was not a “tradition” to call that big, lit up evergreen in the State’s capitol a “Christmas Tree”.  Instead, he called it a “Holiday Tree” and cited long standing “tradition” for such a moniker.

The problems is, people in Rhode Island are having a hard time remembering such a tradition.  And, even if among liberals like Chafee such a “tradition” did exist, the fact would still remain that the “tradition” of calling it a Christmas Tree predates liberal attempts to change the name to something less offensive to their sensibilities and more inclusive of people who really don’t care about Christmas Trees anyway.  Or, at least people who shouldn’t.

But, then again, this is nothing new for the left.  They do this all the time.  Just look at our Constitution!  They constantly rewrite (in their own minds) what is actually written there to justify their own power grabs, get some liberal judge to agree, and then proclaim their socialist policy “settled” and “Constitutional”.  It is a pathetic mind game they play with themselves to justify to themselves that something they think should be true actually is.

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