Ill State Sen. Donne Trotter’s Fake ‘Security Guard’ Job

Warner Todd Huston | December 7, 2012 

Illinois State Senator Donne Trotter, a Chicago Democrat, was arrested at O’Hare airport for having a gun in his baggage. Today he faced the judge in his case after spending the night in lock-up. He claimed he forgot the gun in his luggage and that it is from his “job” as a security guard. But this is a flat out lie. He has no such job.

Donne Trotter claimed that he is a “security guard” for a company called Allpoints (also called All Points Security). This is why he needed the .25 caliber pistol, said the lawmaker. But does he have such a job?

First of all, Trotter was in Springfield in session all day long. Are we to believe he was in the State Senate chambers all day then ran off to Chicago to be a “security guard,” then ran to O’Hare to catch a flight to Washington D.C.? The timeline is rather suspect, wouldn’t you think?

Then, Donne Trotter does not once mention this “job” in his financial disclosure. How can you have such a job without mentioning it as part of your annual income stream?

Now, if you go to the Illinois State Board of Elections contribution search webpage and put “allpoints” in the last name search feild, you’ll find that this company donates exclusively to Democrats. (A similar search spelling it “All Points” also shows Democrat contributions)

Of course, it is a typically amusing Chicago hypocrisy we see at work here, too. Trotter, you see, is a big gun grabber, a virulent hater of the U.S. Constitution. He is one of the important co-sponsors of Democrat Governor Pat Quinn’s newest gun grabbing legislation… yet here Trotter is with a gun concealed in his luggage.

So, he’s another one of those creeps that want to take guns from you and me, but thinks he is smarter than the rest of us and deserves to have a gun when we shouldn’t be allowed to.

But let me tell you what this “security guard” job claim really is. It is simply a lie. Trotter is not now and has never been a “security guard.” What we are seeing is that All Points Security gave trotter a fake job so that the lawmaker could legally carry a gun in a state where he’s trying to make sure no one else is allowed to do the same.

This is a sham “job,” a political favor, arranged solely so that hypocrite Trotter can have a gun as he attempts to deny the rest of us the same legal right to carry. It is no less than that.

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