Help House Republicans grow a spine

The Heritage Foundation | December 19, 2012 

Fellow Conservative,

House Republican leaders, like John Boehner and Eric Cantor, need a more conservative backbone.

Earlier this week, Boehner caved to pressure from President Obama and announced a $1 trillion tax-hike plan. Of course, even that isn’t enough for Barack Obama.  A vote scheduled later this week will show us how much further GOP leaders will cave.

Conservatives ran for reelection this year with a vow not to raise taxes. America cannot afford for them to cave in to Barack Obama and John Boehner.

Find out more about Heritage Action’s plan to stop the GOP from agreeing to Boehner’s disastrous deal.

The truth is that America does not have a tax revenue problem. Our government has a spending problem. Boehner used to believe that, too.

Conservatives must stand strong on principle. Which is why we are launching an immediate and critical three-pronged effort to keep lawmakers accountable to their pledge not to hike taxes:

  1. We are engaging our 200,000 conservative      activists and reactivating the Liberty Center      infrastructure we built during the 2012 campaign.
  2. We are launching an aggressive and targeted media      strategy in key Congressional districts to pressure      lawmakers not to give in to the Obama-Boehner tax-hike plan.
  3. We are sending our team of     experienced Capitol Hill veterans directly to lawmakers’ offices to lobby Congressmen and their staffs      not to cave.

Learn the details of our rapid action plan by clicking here.

The Republican leadership is showing weakness, and we have to make sure Congressional conservatives hear our message: Don’t back down on the fight. Do not raise taxes. Don’t break the promise you made to your constituents.

Find out how you can join us in the fight. 

Thank you for your commitment to principles.


Michael A. Needham

Chief Executive Officer

Heritage Action for America

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