The MSM’s Selective Education Indignation

Gene Lalor | November 28, 2012 

NCPLH ONLINE EDUCATION - HOME  President Obama’s mainstream media have long been notorious for their hypocritical, biased reporting and Ariana Huffington’s Huffington Post represents the epitome of that skewed, distorted reportage.

HuffPo did it again last week when it published a story on Kendra Baker, a 17-year, South Laurel County (Kentucky) High School teacher, who wrote on a classroom whiteboard some time prior to the recent election, ”You can’t be a democrat and go to heaven.” 

Aside from the very real possibility that the heaven sentiment is actually true, the statement was apparently made by a student during a class discussion and not by Ms. Baker; she had simply written it out as a visual aid for her class to see.  

Nevertheless, instead of elaborating on that critical student element, HuffPo devoted most of the article, “Kendra Baker, Kentucky Teacher, Under Fire For ‘Can’t Be A Democrat And Go To Heaven’ Statement,” to the reaction of the South Laurel school administration.

HuffPo supplemented administrative chagrin by quoting semi-hysterical and misdirected parental outrage over the teacher’s alleged professional indiscretion: “It should not be in the classroom at all.  What happened, should not have happened. . . You don’t send them to school to have someone else’s opinion shoved down their throat and demand they agree with it.  It’s appalling, it’s wrong.”  (

It would have been appalling and wrong had Ms. Baker done any shoving or demanding but reality is always secondary to ideology for mainstreamers. 

What’s far more appalling and much more wrong is the consistency of HuffPo and the rest of the MSM ignoring  blatant examples of actual educational malpractice and leftist indoctrination which don’t involve fabricated attacks on Democrats. 

Stories which relate to outrageous politicking in classrooms, attacking Christianity, exposing the repulsive activities  of homosexuals, or stifling patriotism are customarily relegated to the MSM scrapheap not because they’re irrelevant to the liberal agenda but because the MSM doesn’t want the public to know about them and Obama’s media are dedicated to shielding Americans from the truth. 

Selected examples:     

 —A Fairfax County, Virginia middle school teacher required his 8th grade students to support President Barack Obama’s re-election by researching Republican presidential candidates, determine their weaknesses, and dutifully forward their findings to the Obama campaign. 

For some reason, Michael Denman refused to comment on why he instructed his Honors Civics class at Liberty Middle School to act like the president’s KGB agents. (

—Christian students at a National High School Journalism conference were subjected to the disturbed rantings of anti-Christian, homosexual sex advocate Dan Savage who was supposed to address bullying but went far off topic by advocating homosexuality, claiming the Bible supports slavery and other evils, etc.  

Among Savage’s other obscene gems, he ranted: “What the Pope is saying is that the only thing that stands between my [expletive deleted] and Brad Pitt’s mouth is a piece of paper . . . that once we’re all gay-married we’re going to go extinct in a generation because . . . we’re gonna forget which hole [expletive deleted] babies.”  After bunches of kids walked out on his foul, abusive diatribe, Savage, safe from being pummeled, called the Christian kids “pansy asses.”  (

—School officials at the Denair Middle School in California decreed that Cody Alicea could not display the American flag on his bicycle–his small demonstration of patriotism and appreciation for his grandfather’s military service–because Mexican students had complained the flags could cause “racial tension.” 

Even worse, Denair school superintendent Edward Parraz feared that Cody displaying the flag might result in “other students bringing even more American flags:”

—At North Carolina’s North Rowan High School, teacher Tanya Dixon-Neely lost her classroom control, her dignity, and her cool during a political discussion in which she accused Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney of being a bully and a student mentioned that Obama admitted to pushing a girl when he was in grade school, a fact Dixon-Neely denied.  (

Instead, she countered with the bizarre opinion that Romney is not to be afforded the same respect as the president, lied that it’s a criminal act to slander a president, and fabricated the absurdity that “people were arrested for saying things bad about [former president G.W.] Bush.”

—The American Civil Liberties Union sued Missouri’s Camdenton School District for refusing to remove its  Internet “sexuality” filter which Superintendent Tim Hadfield contended ”does not explicitly block” lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender categories but did admit that some websites were blocked due to the “sexuality” filter. 

Some sites related to bullying were subsequently unblocked but the ACLU still whined that students couldn’t access ”hundreds” of LGBT websites, sources civil libertarians and the MSM obviously deem essential to the education of children, libertarians because they endorse or tolerate such outrages, as do mainstreamers since they rarely report them.    

The above has only scraped the bottom of the sleazey educational-media heap. 

Try also Markham Elementary School in Oakland, CA. where  a still-unnamed male teacher at Markham watched as “his second-grade students engaged in oral sex in the classroom and some ran around without their clothes on.” (

Or, consider Memorial Middle School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts which conducted a sex survey of middle schoolers, ( 

Or, think about the explosion of incidents detailed in this space involving both male and female teachers in America seducing both male and female students, almost all of which escape the attention of the MSM, as does the gravity of the African-American drop-out rate.   

As does the radicalization of teachers by the NEA to the extent that Los Angeles teachers advocated for cop-murderer, Black Panther Abu-Jamal.

As do death threats from teachers against Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott  Walker: “Please put your things in order because you will be killed and your familes will also be killed due to your actions.”

A free, unfettered press helped America gain its independence from a repressive British monarchy more than two centuries ago.  A slanted, ideologically-driven, morally-ambiguous public educational system and media are helping to reduce us to the level of what President James Madison called “a wretched situation.” 

Is recovery from wretchedness even possible?  

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