NYT Pot Calls WaPo’s Kettle Black

Gene Lalor | November 20, 2012 

The Pot Calling the Kettle  The old saying “The pot calling the kettle black” isn’t racist so let’s lay to rest that canard popular among super-sensitive blacks who detect racism in everything from cowboys wearing black hats to freshly-ground black pepper. 

Rather, the expression suggests that one person or entity claiming that another person or entity is guilty of unseemly behavior is hypocritical since the accuser’s behavior is as at least as unseemly as the accused’s. 

Few internecine battles could gladden the hearts of Republicans and conservatives as the undeclared war  launched by the leftist-liberal New York Times against the leftist-liberal Washington Post in a struggle for the hearts, minds, and souls of leftist-liberal readers. 

It’s a perfect instance of poetic justice and classic irony that the 161 year old newspaper that prints all the distorted news it sees fit to print would attack the 135 year old ”Pravda on the Potomac” which mirrors its radical, left-wing reporting and editorial policies. 

That’s not to say the Times was taking issue with the Post’s content, however.  Instead, the former’s David Carr deviously ripped the latter’s leadership in his article, “Washington Post Chief Falters Anew.” 

Carr conveniently ignores the Times’ own recent history of inept leaders who are gradually guiding the “Paper of Record” into declining circulation and eventual bankruptcy. 

Carr fails to mention the Times selling out to the world’s richest man, poverty-stricken Mexico’s tyranical Carlos Slim, the racially-condoned plagiarism of Jayson Blair, editorially and viciously campaigning against the innocent Duke lacrosse team, and proven discrimination against female reporters, all of which are testimony to less than sterling leadership–and lack of journalistic ethics.     

  Last week, the Times tore into its fellow leftist publication by charging that WaPo’s publisher, the very well connected Katherine Weymouth, was a “fumbling,” unqualified “rookie” who has made a series of serious mistakes at the Post and is effectively leading the former news power player down the road to extinction. 

As if the Times gives a damn whether WaPo implodes and follows the route to oblivion being blazed by other liberal rags such as The Rocky Mountain News, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, and the Tucson Citizen!  

Asked by a senior reporter at a hastily-called staff meeting why she was dumping her liberal executive editor Marcus Brauchli in favor of liberal Boston Globe’s editor Marty Baron, Ms. Weymouth apparently lied that Brauchli wanted out and then imperiously, rudely responded to further questioning by ordering her minions to “Go back to your desks.”  (http://tinyurl.com/chp2c63)

Misleading, classless, high-handed attitudes rarely endear a boss to his or her professional employees nor have they ever inspired excellence.   More likely they caused additional problems for the Post beyond lost readership and lost reputation, survival issues shared by the Times.

How sweet is it, though, to witness a nasty cat fight between two fading leftist American newspapers?  One is accusing the other of botching news reports and the other is in the throes of criticizing its sister paper in the interests of regaining credibility as “The Grey Lady” as she devolves into The Dead Lady. 

It couldn’t be sweeter!  A pox on both their black pots and kettles!

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