New Anti-Obama Ad Will Make Impact in Ohio

Move America Forward | November 2, 2012 

Conflicting news stories about the latest polls in Ohio paint very different pictures. Some polls seem to be giving Obama the advantage, others show a dead tie or a slight edge to Romney. Knowing that Ohio is a critical battleground state in the fight to defeat Obama, MAF PAC deployed Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee to carry the MAF PAC banner through the battleground state of Ohio. Debbie spent a week in the buckeye state and delivered official MAF PAC endorsements to several candidates including Marine Corps Veteran Josh Mandel, running for Senate.

“A new poll shows Mitt Romney 2 points ahead of President Obama in Ohio, in the latest survey showing the vital battleground contest tightening and too close to call.”  (Rasmussen) – FOX NEWS OCT 25

Obama 50 percent and Romney 45 percent in Ohio, a state without which a Republican has ever won the White House.” (Quinnipac Poll) -  BLOOMBERG OCT 31

“The final Ohio Newspaper Organization survey shows the two candidates tied” POLITICO OCT 28

Help us get our new 60 second TV Ad spot up on stations around Ohio. A powerful ad like this has the potential to sway undecided voters by hitting Obama hard on national security issues, his failures in leadership, and the increasing boldness of our enemies in the Middle East, We make it clear, America cannot risk another 4 years of “leading from behind” and global apology tours. Please make a donation today to Fire Obama!
We can’t stress enough how important the state of Ohio is. While it’s not impossible for Romney to get the 271 Electoral College votes he needs without Ohio, having Ohio would open up many more possibilities. Here at MAF PAC we have known all along that Ohio would be absolutely crucial to Romney’s overall victory over Obama. That’s why we sent Debbie Lee there to turn out votes and activate the pro-troop base in Ohio. Help FIRE OBAMA this November and usher in Mitt Romney as our new Commander-in-Chief. Winning Ohio is crucial to taking our country back!   

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