2012 War on Christmas I: Naughty Companies (UPDATED with Music Video!)

Gene Lalor | November 29, 2012 

Christmas  The annual War on Christmas is again in full swing.  The concerted and growing effort to separate all traditional religious meaning from the national holiday and relegate Christmas to the pagan status of Halloween or to the secular Arbor Day–but with gift-giving–has been revived every year for decades by secularists, atheists, agnostics, and just plain Scrooges and Grinches. 

I won’t even speculate on the motivations of those groups; there’s no need to guess.   

Christmas  Today’s installment on the War on Christmas focuses on companies that profit mightily from all that gift-giving but offer nothing back in recognition of the reason for the season–the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in a nation composed of 76% Christians where at least 70% much prefer to be greeted with a hearty “Merry Christmas!” rather than with a lame, generic “Happy Holidays!” (Rasmussen survey 11-27-2012) 

Adopt a Liberal  The Liberty Counsel, a self-described “international nonprofit litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family since 1989,” none too soon has published its 2012 “Naughty and Nice” listing of “retailers that acknowledge Christmas” (Nice) and those which “pretend it doesn’t exist” (Naughty). 

The group states as introduction, “This list is based upon research conducted by Liberty Counsel and reports from consumers.  The list is frequently updated” and the LC asks consumers to send their reports to [email protected] and suggests they express their thanks to retailers that acknowledge Christmas and give their ”respectful opinion to retailers that pretend it doesn’t exist.”  

Do note that the Liberty Counsel is not a leftist organization and therefore does not advocate bombing or ransacking any stores or even boycotting the Scrooges and Grinches.  LC leaves it to shoppers to determine whether they want to fatten the bottom lines of Christmas-denying companies or spend their money at businesses that at least minimally observe Christian tradition. 

This year there are some 15 retailers gracing–or disgracing depending on your point of view–Liberty Counsel’s “Naughty List” as opposed to 40 awarded LC’s coveted “Nice List.” LC regularly updates its listing based on whether the retailers and/or their parent companies decide to join the mainstream of Americans.


–American Eagle Outfitters and affiliates  

–Abercrombie and Fitch and affiliates  

–Banana Republic 

–Gap and affiliates  

–J. Crew Outfitters 

–Old Navy   

–Polo Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren   


A complete listing of Liberty Counsel’s “Naughties” and its specific objections to those companies, ranging from purging their outlets of any reference to Christmas to offering only “Holiday Sales” to featuring young models “in very, very skimpy lingerie” to push Christmas merchandise, along with those companies’ corporate phone numbers and email addresses, can be found here  http://tinyurl.com/7mhkw6z.  

say_merry_christmas   UPDATE! Now we have a song!  “Say Merry Christmas” was recorded by the ACLU–no, not THAT ACLU but the American Christian Life United choir.  The song captures both the Christmas spirit and the spirit of peaceful shopper protest against the secularization of OUR holiday.  A free download of “Say Merry Christmas,” (03:36), and free sheet music are available here–  http://saymerrychristmas.net/     

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