We will not allow that man to run our country again.

Carolyn Hileman | October 29, 2012 

We will not allow that man to run our country again.
Carolyn Hileman

I have been voting for a very long time, I have been Election Judge at least three times. During those times none of the administrations saw fit to involve UN election watching and I have only head of one incident of voter intimidation and that was by the New Black Panthers and was never pursued by this administration. But as of today, as of right now, we are not only going to have the UN watching our elections, we will have what Al Sharpton calls poll watchers IE: the New Black Panthers at our polling stations across America.

Dear God, when did I wake up in a third world country? Where people can threaten voters with different groups spying on them at the polling place, this is not my country anymore. What next, will it be illegal to vote for anybody but Obama, talk about a sore looser. This man could not manage to bring our forces to bear in Benghazi even though they were close enough to help, but hey, he can bring the UN to the USA to monitor our Elections. Give me a break, seems like the only thing he cares to do is anger and humiliate Americans.

I have said, and will say again, on Election Day I will paint my middle finger purple just for them right after I vote for Romney. I am sorry, we have election laws, you may not electioneer within 100 feet of the polling place, but our laws do not matter the UN and more than likely the New Black Panthers will have immunity, one because the president announced it today in response to a letter from the Texas Attorney General and the other simply because if Obama is reelected there will never be any investigation, just like there was no investigation of the voter intimidation the last time.

We all know from the town halls, what this man is capable of, we know he can and will deploy union thugs to beat up old people for daring to ask questions, we know he will ask your fellow citizens to spy on you and report to him, this man will do anything, say anything to stay in office. Which is all the more reason we need you to straighten your backbone and vote this man out, there is strength in numbers, do not go to the polling place alone, gather your friends, ask your neighbors if they need a ride. If possible have your camera phones ready to record or snap a picture of any intimidation at your polling place.

We did not ask for this war, in our own country, on our own soil, but will be damned if we are going to loose it. While we are at it, what say we employ a little pressure of our own, call ABC at 212-456-7777, call NBC at 212-664-3720 and CBS at 212-975-4321 and demand they report the truth about Benghazi. And of course on Monday we need one million people to call this number 202-225-5074 and DEMAND a public hearing on Benghazi. Obama and the media know, that the only thing this can do is hurt Obama which is why they want it to go away. The fact is the president sat and watched as four of our citizens died begging for help and now he wants to tell us how to run an election.

It is time for every single red blooded American stand up and say not no but HELL NO. We will not be bullied, we will not be lied to and we will not allow that man to run our country again.
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