The Obama Videos and Black Racism

Gene Lalor | October 5, 2012 

Now that the first presidential debate is over and even the Left agrees the contender creamed the incumbent, it should be pointed out that Romney trounced Obama without ever using his best punch–video evidence that the president is a black racist.  

 Hurricane Katrina 2005 -  By now just about everyone has heard about the video of then-Senator Barack Hussein Obama in which he alleged that the slow response to the ravages caused by Hurricane Katrina was motivated not by incompetence but by white racism against the black population of New Orleans. 

Some readers may have seen a 4-minute clip from Obama’s speech and a few may have seen his entire 36-minute, 22 second, 2007 address to a largely-black audience at Hampton University.  For those who missed the latter, it can be seen here, along with specifics on his racist diatribe: ( 

Also, do see a shocking side-by-side video comparison of what Obama said to blacks in 2007 versus what he said to the nation during the last campaign as he hypocritically preached race-neutrality. 

Suffice to say, Senator Obama’s rhetoric and speech patterns when he spoke at Hampton University were markedly different from candidate Obama’s rhetoric and manner when he spoke to a diverse national audience. 

Reason to Hate: Barack Obama's  The two videos graphically clarify the issue of “Who is the real Obama?”  He is clearly not a race healer, he’s more akin to the stereotypical angry black man.   

However, the words the president chose five and four years ago and how he expressed them do serve a worthwhile purpose: They finally make vividly clear what many of us have believed since 2008, namely that Obama doesn’t much like white people and that America has been engaged in an undeclared race war ever since he took office.  

Demonstrating abject ignorance, the best-defense-is-a-good-offense strategy, or both, in an amazing display of misleading chutzpa, a deputy editor of the Washington Post’s editorial page wrote that “racism could sway the [presidential] election.” 

Colbert I. KingThat view is eminently defensible. The chutzpa enters the scenario with Colbert King’s distorted opinion based entirely on disturbed social media rants, a miniscule sampling of fruitcakes. 

Racism could definitely affect the upcoming election, not some manufactured white racism but rather hateful, endemic black racism preached by agitators like Louis Farrakhan, Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright, and the New Black Panther Party. 

They are legally allowed to slander and threaten whites with impunity, slanders and threats that whites dare not refute without being accused of hate crimes.

Nevertheless, ignoring racial realities, King contends that inane Facebook postings can affect elections.

King firmly believes social media idiocies can influence elections. 

As evidence, he cites a variety of Facebook posts including, “No! I don’t hate blacks!  I just think Barack Obama is a terrible president.  Don’t you just hate it when people call you racist because you hate Barack Obama?  Do they ever consider that Barack Obama may just be a [expletive] president?”  “Obama needs to step down and go back to Africa with the rest of the coons!!”

Other Facebookers used racist language in describing the FLOTUS.  One wrote, “Chilin wit Moochelle Obamaa. You see Barry is a good man he gave Moochelle chitlins and peanut butter for breakfast.” 

As nasty and distasteful as those postings were, they hardly constitute examples of “racism [that] could sway the [presidential] election.” 

What they do demonstrate is the frustrated feeling of whites in a predominantly white country now dominated by blacks.  In actuality, whites can’t be racists in Obama’s America.  It’s simply not politically correct.  And blacks can’t be racists either since, according to Jesse Jackson, they don’t have the “power.” 

Many whites in America have been cowed into submission by a minority of very noisy black agitators and won’t dare utter any truths concerning rampant black crime committed against those of other races.

Under Obama’s new world order, white people in America have been consigned to the back of the bus as the only alternative to being thrown under the bus by our first semi-black president and by an obsequious Democrat Party and mainstream media more concerned with his re-election than with honesty and rectitude.

Irrefutable proof that our nation is now being ruled by a man of questionable parentage with a history of black supremacist beliefs is not only Obama’s racially-charged 2007 and 2005 videos.  In his 2004 keynote address to the Harvard Law School Association Award Luncheon, he spoke of the failure surrounding Katrina saying it was caused by a “passive indifference common in our culture,” code for white racism.

In 33 days America will learn whether we are a nation governed by a president representative of our majority and dedicated to preserving what we hold precious or to a president guided by an obsession with phony discrimination claims dedicated to his re-election so that he can complete his dismantling of America.  

  What could definitely affect the election are not polls or Facebook posts or even debates.  The abovementioned videos reveal the racist nature of this president and could be the determining factors in deciding who gets our vote.

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