The Insidious Popsicle Threat to Islamic Virtue

Gene Lalor | October 6, 2012 


Islam-05  Adherents to the Muslim faith, a faith to which our president has sworn he does not adhere, believe in some odd things as contrasted with what Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and members of just about every other religion on the planet believe. 

Muslims also seem to think evil is lurking everywhere except, of course, when devout Islamists murder infidels, a central precept endorsed and encouraged in the Holy Koran because it’s a wonderful thing to slay non-Muslims in the name of Allah and jihad. 

In addition, it’s perfectly acceptable to issue death warrants for apostates, to brutally rape  journalists like  Lara Logan and Natsha Smith, to conduct a virtual rape epidemic in Oslo, to firebomb Charlie Hebdo because they don’t like the publication, and to commit various and multiple other atrocities. 

  But, back to popsicles. 

To certain Muslims, popsicles are a creation of the devil since they look like penises and popsicles should therefore be banned from all Islamic nations.  I’m not exactly sure why they should be banned unless Muslims think sex-starved, young Muslim girls will use ice-cold popsicles to sate their unbridled lust before they are forcibly wedded to some oil-rich doddering sheikh to satisfy his unbridled lust for young Muslim girls. 

At least advocacy for modesty appears to have been the motivation of two bearded Muslim men in Cairo who assaulted four elementary schoolgirls because they were eating popsicles, knocked the icy treats from the girls’ hands, screamed at them, scared the hell out of them to the point of tears, and ordered them to be “modest.”  (

You see, sexual modesty is highly valued in the watchful eyes of the Holy Prophet Mohammad who invented Islam before he married Aisha, his eight year old bride  although he didn’t consummate the marriage until she was ripe nine.

The immodest Egyptian girls were rescued by other men who pushed and kicked the attackers and sent them on their holy way to save holy Islam.

The recent incident in Cairo “highlights the growing influence Salafists, or Islamic puritans, are attempting to have on the streets.  Many women have reported incidents of conservatives in Egypt attempting to force their will on them across the country,” attacking them for such horrific sins as not covering themselves head to toe and for listening to vile Western music.

Rebutting Radical Islam:  The “incident” serves to illustrate the twisted nature of Muslims who can practice gross evils but who can become incensed over innocent popsicles. 

Islam is America’s primary enemy today, an enemy embraced by Barack Hussein Obama, an enemy to whom he obsequiously bows, an enemy dedicated to establishing a worldwide caliphate, an enemy with whom we have been engaged in a terrorist war for decades, a war our leader refuses to admit even exists.

I guess we can thank Allah Almighty that Obama isn’t a Muslim!  Just imagine the damage he could cause then!

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