The Hollywood elite vs. the Tea Party

Tea Party Express | October 10, 2012 

President Obama appeals to well-financed liberal Hollywood crowd – we can’t let them win again!

After a poor showing in last week’s debate, President Obama has retreated to the friendly confines of the enlightened Hollywood elite in Southern California to raise large amounts campaign cash.  Obama cannot win on his dismal record and performance as President so his path to victory will depend on raising enough money to bombard voters in swing-states with misleading TV ads and fool enough people as he did in 2008.

According to this excerpt from The Washington Post, Obama has been busy hitting up the sycophants in the ultra-liberal Hollywood crowd and raised a record amount of money in September.

We can’t let Hollywood, the media, and the Obama/Biden campaign beat us again like in 2008.

We might not be able to write the large checks that the Hollywood elite does at their fancy parties, but we can neutralize them by our sheer numbers and passion for the values that made America great.  To do this, we need your support!  

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The Hollywood elite has been writing big checks to president Obama’s re-election campaign                                                         

We cannot let the Romney/Ryan ticket be grossly out-spent and out-campaigned in key swing-states.

Last week, we called on you, our loyal supporters, to help us fund our campaign and bus tour to support the Romney/Ryan ticket and and many of you have responded, but we are going to have to do more if we are going to change the direction that our country is on.

As of Monday evening, we have raised $30,000 of the $50,000 that is needed to get the tour started – we have just $20,000 more to go before our hopeful start of the tour.

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