Snoop Dogg’s Doggy-Doo

Gene Lalor | October 7, 2012 

  The ever-classy Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. who lately goes by the name Snoop Lion after dumping Doggy Dogg and Snoop Dogg has added another title to his already impressive résumé: Presidential Political Analyst.   

The oft-imprisoned Calvin instagrammed a purloined list of the 10 reasons he’s not voting for Mitt Romney and 10 reasons he is voting for Barack Obama, all of which vividly demonstrate his incisively awesome capacity to insightfully analyze the candidates.  All 20 represent more than sufficient, substantive information for undecideds to decide who gets their votes on November 6th.

1005_snoop_votes2   Among Snoop Lion’s very cogent observations on Romney is that ”He a white n*****r” and the “muthaf*****s  name is Mitt” (repeated for emphasis), that “He a ho” who “looks like he say n****r all the time,” that “He a Mormon who ain’t got hoes,” and he reminds Calvin “of every boss I ever hated,” all reasons enough for the Snoopster’s threat, “Bitch I will beat the s**t out of you.” 

Calvin also includes Ann Romney in his critique, pointing out “Bitch got a dancing horse.”

Snoop Lion may not think much of the Romneys but he is enthralled by the Obamas. 

He wears a durag like me  As contrasted with the Mittster, that Barack, “He a black n****r,” “mad cool,” “He wears a durag just like me” and uses the same hair clippers, he hugged and sniffed Beyonce’, smokes Newports and “I seen that n****r hoop before and he got a jumper.” 

He accords the president’s wife his highest compliment for a woman: “Michelle got a fat ass.” ( 

(Editor’s note: The Snoopster didn’t use asterisks.  They have been inserted above since the N-word is considered a vile epithet if employed by anyone not black and most people wouldn’t publicly write “sh*t” unless they wanted to be regarded as uncouth.  However, describing a Republican as a “n****r” and a “ho,” or referring to both Romneys as “bitches” is perfectly acceptable.)

Personally, I think Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., alias Snoop Lion, Doggy Dogg and  Snoop Dogg, is a refreshingly honest observer, if barely semi-literate in the English language. 

He certainly isn’t a poseur like so many black political commentators such as MSNBC’s Touré  and FNC’s Juan Williams who vainly attempt to project an air of objectivity as they harbor deep resentments against anyone who doesn’t look like them.  He clearly isn’t another Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson who pretend not to want a race war even as they diligently labor to promote just that. 

The Snoopster is what he is, exactly as he is and hides nothing, not his venomous racism, not his contempt for whites, not his gross ignorance. 

America needs more Calvin Cordozar Broaduses in order to get some perspective on the true nature of Obama’s “race-neutral” society.  We need more foul-mouthed  Snoop Lions to show, in his colorful jargon, what a muthaf****r he really is, what Obama supporters really are, and how America should vote next month–assuming they don’t crave more of what we have witnessed since 2008.

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