Sliming for Re-election

Gene Lalor | October 29, 2012 

As President Barack Hussein’s approval ratings plummet, dropping 7 percentage points in just 3 days according to a new Gallup poll, and as Governor Mitt Romney continues to gain ground and now leads Obama in virtually every national voter survey, the distinct scent of desperation is pervading Obamaville. 

In an attempt to counter imminent defeat, Dems and their media minions are reverting to what used to be classified as Plan B in order to steal the election. 

In actuality, Plan B–the slimy Chicago Dirty Politics Plan–has been in effect ever since Obama took office but it has been only an adjunct to a veneer of civility until recently.  With an ignominious loss staring them in the face, with America’s economy still in shambles, with former idolators bailing after finally realizing their Anointed One is a fraud, with undeniable revelations that Obama and his administration conspired to allow the murders of four brave Americans in Benghazi for political purposes, the president, his handlers, and his minions have substituted Plan B for Plan A.

Thus, we see the liberal Associated Press invoking the race card–the same card Obama used to help get himself elected in 2008–by publishing “AP Poll: Majority Harbor Prejudice Against Blacks” 10 days before the election and alleging that “51% of Americans now express explicit anti-black attitudes, compared with 48 percent in a similar 2008 survey.” 

No mention is made by the AP of the administration’s history of black favoritism and black racist policies implemented over the last four years as the probable root cause of any increased white disaffection.  Nor did the AP mention that a piddling 4% of blacks voted for McCain in 2008 while 54% of young white voters and 43% of white voters overall voted Obama, many out of senseless White Guilt.

Skewed AP polls, however, are just the more civil demonstrations of the president’s new Plan A.   Romney’s Mormon religion, formerly off limits, is evolving into an Obama weapon of personal destruction. 

Two months ago, Ed Klein, author of The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, described a meeting conducted by Obama’s smarmy campaign manager, David Axelrod: Axelrod & Co. discussed what might be called the nuclear option: unleashing an attack on Romney’s Mormon faith via the mainstream media. The intent was to alienate evangelicals from Romney by cynically playing on their fears that Romney wasn’t a true Christian.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Speaks Out About Obama, Politics & More | Ed Klein  Never mind that Obama’s 20 year relationship with his hateful, racist  pastor and mentor Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright has been all but ignored by the MSM.  Never mind that Obama foreswore employing religious attacks in the campaign.  Never mind that for more than half a century a candidate’s religion has been considered irrelevant to a candidate’s qualifications for the job of president.

Lo and behold, soon after Axelrod’s discussion Romney’s faith suddenly became a hot topic on GQ Magazine, with MSNBC’s resident twit Lawrence O’Donnell, on U.S. News & World Report, on Google, and on various other liberal sources. 

The Obama die was cast: Romney had to be destroyed, Chicago-style, by any means necessary and decency and ethics be damned!

A sampling of how Obama supporters are supporting their hero follows. reported on a story we would never hear about from the mainstreamers.  In the critical swing state of Ohio, Democrat operatives and interpreters loaded hundreds of non-English-speaking Somalian refugees onto vans and buses and took them to early-voting sites to cast their ballots and helpfully instructed them on how to vote.

Also, as reported by Drudge: 

. Sums it up.  Obama’s own website posted a picture mocking Mitt Romney in a dunce cap.

.  Black actress Stacey Dash was viciously ripped on Twitter with vile suggestions she “kill herself” for publicly endorsing Romney. 

.  Church defaced with anti-Romney sign In Huntington, Indiana the South Broadway Church of Christ displayed a sign declaring “Romney Hates Women.”

. In Alta Loma, California ”Someone keyed the word ‘Obama’ into two cars and slashed seats in another outside a residence that had Mitt Romney campaign signs.” 

.  At a Tea Party rally in Racine, Wisconsin a truck sporting “Obama” stickers dumped  bunches of nails in the parking lot. 

.  In New Berlin, Wisconsin, a schoolbus driver told a 12 year-old that he should have been aborted because his family had a Romney-Ryan sign in their yard.

.  In an Obama video, black actor Samuel L. Jackson repeatedly shouted obscenities such as “wake the fuck up!” at white suburbanites and potential Romney voters.

  A new fear-mongering video has just been released featuring zombified children “of the future” singing about the consequences of a Romney presidency–a world where sick people “just die,” where the atmosphere is “frying,” and where “oil fills the sea.”

Apparently, Team Obama and the Obama faithful believe that stuffing ballot boxes, sliming fellow blacks who leave the reservation, slandering an opponent, vandalizing vehicles, flattening tires, intimidating and exploiting kids, and cussing out anyone who disagrees with the president are all sure-fire methods to win over the hearts and minds of the electorate. 

Here’s a clue for Obama: Those tactics may work in Chicago or in Vlad Putin’s Russia but they won’t work in the real America.


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