Real Clear Politics and Public Policy Polling Both Show Romney Ahead

Cain Solutions Inc. | October 12, 2012 

By ROBERT LAURIE – Even the left wing polls have turned  on Obama

If there’s one set of numbers on which Democrats love to hang  their hopes, it’s the Real Clear Politics average.  Offer them  any individual poll and they’ll either say “yeah but that’s just  Rasmussen” or “who cares what Gallup says? It’s just one poll.”

The real number – the one worth paying attention to – is the RCP  Average.  It’s allegedly the best because, to use the liberal’s  favorite word, it’s “comprehensive.”

So, today must be a really rough day.

Thanks to Mitt Romney’s recent gains in, well, virtually every  poll, he has pulled ahead in the Real Clear Politics Average.  According to the site today, Mitt’s winning by a slim margin, 48  to 47.3.

The results represent the first time he’s managed to eke out a  lead in the RCP Average all year, though it was briefly tied  over the summer.

The other big polling news today was the release of new numbers  from a decidedly left wing source, Public Policy Polling. PPP is  a polling firm that works almost exclusively for Democrats, so  those on the other side tend to view their numbers a bit  skeptically.  That said, their results this morning show Romney  ahead by two points – 49 to 47 percent.

What’s really fun about this particular poll is that it was paid  for by the far, far, far left website, The Daily Kos.  We can  only imagine the brain-melting horror they must have experienced  while reporting their findings.  It must have been fun to watch.

If you were a left wing talking head who, last week, was saying  “debates don’t matter,” it’s probably time to rethink your  strategy.

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