Paul Ryan says “Don’t Pull Out Troops During Fighting Season!”

Move America Forward | October 3, 2012 

We’ve been saying for weeks that the presidential candidates and the media have been all but ignoring the war in Afghanistan and foreign policy, much to our disappointment.
But after 9/11 and the weeks thereafter, when terrorists carried out attacks on US Embassies and other locations throughout the world, Obama could not continue to ignore the war, or foreign policy any longer. Now Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan is finally attacking the President’s foreign policy as MAF has been calling for!                                                                                          
“We   would never put politics ahead of what our commanders say is necessary  to do the job and keep our soldiers as safe as possible when they’re  prosecuting this war,” Ryan said.                                                       

- Reported by ABC NEWS                                                         10 / 1 / 2012

We applaud Congressman Paul Ryan for finally calling out Obama on foreign policy failures that the media has been letting him get away with for months!

With 22,000 troops being brought back to help Obama’s campaign, the other 68,000 troops left on the ground in Afghanistan have to fight the Taliban with fewer men. Don’t let them get discouraged! Send a care package of support!


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                                            PAUL RYAN SAYS OBAMA PLAN PUTS TROOPS AT RISK                                             

Another thing that Congressman Ryan got right this weekend was that he rightly concluded that drawing down 22,000 troops puts the rest of the troops left there in a tougher position as they have to fight the Taliban with less manpower to work with .

The GOP vice presidential candidate told Laura Ingraham on her radio  show that a Romney administration “would listen to our commanders on the  ground when they recommend that we don’t pull our troops during a  fighting season.”

“They just pulled about 22,000 troops in September, which to me is  a political decision to have a draw down before the election, but we’re  still giving our soldiers the same mission, the same counter-insurgency  mission,  but we’re sending fewer people out to do the same job,” Ryan  said.

- ABC NEWS                                                                                                                   October 1, 2012


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