On Liberty: In Restraint of Government and Spending Elect A New Congress, Super Pac for all Americans, Releases 2nd Installment

Guest | October 15, 2012 

Galena, IL. (PRWEB) October 12, 2012

Liberty is a catalyst whose contagion is immediate, and the speed with which it changes government spending habits is difficult to comprehend; again, liberty has been so devoid in American life for these past 100 years, cognitively, it is beyond current perceptions.

“Picture an oil sheen in a pan of water that is hit with a drop of detergent,” explained Wm W. Fawell, spokesman for Elect A New Congress. “As quickly as the detergent has fallen, the oil will disperse and contract across the entire surface of the water upon contact. It’s effect is instant, and in all directions. Such is the impact of liberty unleashed on government. As a catalyst, its effects are instant and sweeping in all directions.”

Established in the first of this series On Liberty, the conversion of government to the rule of the people over their government, is solely dependent upon the restoration of the constitutional powers of Congress, back to the Congress, to be executed solely within the public forum. http://electanewcongress.com/on-liberty/#.UHbZ-ZEY82Q

“Under a liberty based government, entire departments, agencies, and quasi-government operations both within and outside the Executive branch are removed. This follows pretty closely with how Ron Paul wanted to slash government spending,” Fawell detailed. “It was RP’s best connection with America, because it is the only way to bring the nonexistent federal budget into balance and end the accelerating national debt, and the American people embraced that.”

This essay intends to explain why and how these proposals are necessary. Governmental agencies to be absorbed into Congress or constitutionally re-assigned to the states include Commerce, Federal Reserve Bank, WTO, the EPA, ED, HUD, and any other agencies, public or extra-legally private that fall under the descriptive violations contained herein.http://electanewcongress.com/on-liberty-in-restraint-of-government-and-spending/#.UHbdPZEY82Q

“America is deep in a financial rut that is getting deeper, and while Ron Paul made some very good policy statements, he never explained the finer points of the cure he was prescribing,” Fawell pointed. “In a sense this is like new math, just as important in coming to the correct answer, it is even more important that the process in getting there is correct also. You must explain the point so that others may follow the logic and make it their own.”

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