Obama Grasps Desperately

J.J. Jackson | October 27, 2012 

When you elect a man with no compass (moral or otherwise) you get erratic policies.  You also get last ditch, pathetic attempts to buy votes before an election.  President Obama, as just such a man, is a case study in how rudderless people drift and then panic.

Remember how Obama once said that if he turned out to be an ineffectual leader he would be a one term President?  Well, after four years of ineffectual leadership, what is he doing?  He’s not stepping down.  Oh no, perish the thought.  Because he never actually meant it when he said what he said.

The fact is that President Obama can’t figure out why his left wing policies have failed. For the life of him, he is absolutely astonished that what he has learned all his life was the best form of government (Marxist Dictatorship) is not succeeding.  He, of course, privately blames this on those evil Republicans in the House of Representatives who are standing in his way as much as possible, not the fact that Marxist ideology has never worked any time it has been instituted.

So, floundering, with poll numbers dropping and unable to crack 50% in any national poll, President Obama is in desperation mode.  Here is comes … a last ditch attempt to make people like him before Election Day!

What is his big plan?  What does Mr. Tax and Spend, Spend, Spend want to do?  Why, he wants to cut your taxes!  Yep!  Mr. The Bush Tax Cuts Are Bad, wants his own tax cut!

How sad.  And all in an attempt to gain a few percent in the polls and get re-elected.

Gee, I wonder …

If, Heaven forbid, enough people fall for this, and put Obama back in the White House, come January will we hear him channel Bill Clinton.  You remember that right?  A promised tax cut to win votes and an election, then a claim about how it was just impossible once he was firmly in place in Washington?


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