How Many Birthdays Did Planned Parenthood Prevent in 96 Years?

American Life League | October 21, 2012 

Washington,   D.C. – Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the largest   private abortion business in the world, is celebrating its 96th anniversary   on October 16, 2012. Paul E. Rondeau, executive director of American Life League,   issued this statement:

Planned Parenthood promotes itself as a leader in women’s health. In reality, PPFA has managed to end the lives of over 6,000,000 human beings in its own facilities since 1970. And, during that same time, it collected over $6 billion in taxpayer money. It is the abortion superstore, committing 27 percent of all abortions in the United States in 2010-over 329,000, according to its own report.

Today, a new study by Protect   Black Life shows that 79 percent of PPFA surgical abortion facilities are   located within walking distance of African American or Hispanic/Latino   neighborhoods, contributing to the dismaying statistic that black abortions   are 300 percent higher per capita than whites. This is no surprise to pro-life African-American leaders,   whom the mainstream media and politicians avoid whenever possible-especially   in this election year.

Margaret Sanger, a member of the   American Eugenics Society, stated in her 1932 Plan for Peace that persons   from “dysgenic groups” should be given their choice of sterilization or   confinement on a farm for the rest of their lives. She saw minorities and the   poor as “weeds” that needed to be controlled. Is this why Obamacare   contributes another  $1   billion to abortions and puts Planned Parenthood into   schools?

A world without Planned Parenthood? That   would be a celebration.

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