Grading the Eye-Candy Man’s Debate

Gene Lalor | October 8, 2012 

The first debate between the two antagonists vying for the privilege to lead the United States of America for the next four years, each intending to impress the American electorate with his intelligence, knowledge, and expertise, represented not only a crushing blow to Barack Hussein Obama’s re-election prospects. 

It also stands as yet another exposé of his fundamental ineptitude and his outrageous pretensions to being the much-heralded, most brilliant, and most articulate president in our nation’s history. 

  In fact, absent his teleprompters which his handlers customarily use to dictate  everything he says and how he says it, Obama came across as an ignorant dolt serving far above his pay grade and totally unqualified to speak intelligently, let alone serve as president. 

When my son was a freshman at Penn State, his professor in a public speaking class assigned his first speech a C- and explained his reason for the low grade: My son had used the “uh-word” excessively, a sign he either hadn’t prepared well enough, that he wasn’t confident in the speech’s contents, or that he knew he was wrong in what he said. has compiled an amusing/scary video collection of our scholar-president’s wasted 51 seconds repeatedly uttering the “uh-word.” (

A lousy overall performance anyway, it would have been awarded a D+ at best by my son’s prof based on his “uhs” alone. 

However, like most teachers, the professor was probably an Obama-loving ditz who would have cited the same lame excuses Democrats offered for Obama’s fiasco: Denver’s high altitude which deprived him of oxygen and confused him, John Kerry who failed him in debate prep by not confronting him, Jim Lehrer who was biased and “too old and too white” to be a moderator, Romney’s repetitive lies that bewidered him, and his 20th wedding anniversary which distracted him. 

Leftist loonie Bill Maher suggested our admitted pot-headed prez had spent the million dollars he  contributed to Obama’s campaign on marijuana: ”He looked tired. He had trouble getting his answers out. Looks like he took my million and spent it all on weed!”  

Unstated excuses such as concern over when he could hit the golf course again or whether a President Romney will allow him to take the family on another taxpayer-funded extravagant vacation may come soon. 

At least they haven’t blamed G.W. Bush!  Yet. 

To be fair, the press-conference-averse president hadn’t debated for years and he had become accustomed to leftist media adulation and softball interviews when he was asked probing questions dealing with his favorite chili, his iPod playlist, Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit single “Call Me Maybe,” and referred to himself as “eye candy.” 

Prior to Mitt Romney, the last time anyone had challenged Barack Obama face-to-face may have been when  he was asked to explain his relationship with his radical pastor of 20 years or when his daughters persuaded him to “evolve” over the issue of same-sex marriage. 

Last Wednesday, Barack Hussein Obama hadn’t prepared well enough because he’s Obama and feels everyone else is a lightweight not worth his bother, he wasn’t confident in his responses and observations  because he only believes in what he’s told to believe, and he knew everything he said was a lie. 

A D+ for Obama in Debate #1 would be a gift.  I’m sure he will do better on October 16th and perhaps manage a C-, that is if he shows up.

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