Election 2012: Polls and Lies

Gene Lalor | October 10, 2012 

Jim Lehrer 1 - MR. PRESIDENT your time is up� (Picture compliments of IOwntheWorld,com)

When whiny, old Dave Obamalackey Letterman makes snarky jokes about the president after months of mocking Romney, you can smell a change in the election air.

With four weeks to go before Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen dispatch their Black Panther storm troopers to intimidate white voters again and try to steal the election after years of�deceiving his supporters and months of misrepresenting�Mitt Romney, it’s obvious the political worm is gradually turning.�

Besides Letterman, there are a number of other indicators suggesting�Obama and his ilk�will�lose big time on November 6th and be denied the opportunity to subvert our country further and once more fool a plurality into casting their ballots for an egomaniacal, radical�socialist.

.� Last week, the Military Times announced that its poll of 3100 active and reserve troops shows the core of the U.S. military favors Mitt Romney over President Obama by a whopping 66%�to 26% based on the economy and the candidates� character.
.� On Monday, Zogby Analytics gave Romney a�3% lead�on national security and a�6% percent advantage on jobs and the economy.�
.� On Tuesday, Rasmussen reported that the challenger�has moved ahead in all 11 swing states.�
Why any rational individual�voted for Obama in 2008 has long been a mystery to me.� Why anyone could entertain the vaguest notion of voting for him in 2012 is beyond mysterious and�enters the realm of fantastical absurdity.�

In view of the continuing, sorry state of the economy, the undermining of our national integrity�following revelations that the administration sacrificed the lives of four Americans in Benghazi on the altars of Islamic appeasement and political correctness, the utter failure of Obama’s approach to the Arab Spring, the gender, racial, and class divisiveness he has created, the only explanation for Obama’s�re-nomination is that the Democrat Party has lost its collective mind, probably as a consequence of its loss of interest in America’s future.�

It’s no wonder the White House has virtually ended daily press briefings.� Even Jay Carney has his lying limits.�
In a highly significant political worm-turning, the president has seemingly lost one of his prime hole cards.� For the most part, his race card is working just fine but he�apparently is losing the ridiculous War on Women card.

"These things must be� Perhaps disturbed by a UCLA study that found liberal women are more manly-looking than conservative women or, more likely, the result of finally understanding that Obama’s pro-abortion and�anti-American policies�represent the true war on women, America’s female voters have switched in droves toward Romney.��

A�Pew poll reveals that “Last month, women preferred Obama by an astounding 18 points.� Now, they are equally split between both candidates at 47 percent apiece.”�

Those results complement another “astounding” finding by Pew that “among Independents, Romney won by an astounding 78-14 margin,” and�”a 12-point swing [to Romney] among likely voters.� In Pew’s last poll, conducted in the middle of September, Obama led Romney 51-43 among likely voters.� Now, Romney leads 49-45.” (http://tinyurl.com/97cygqe)

� Presidents and political parties and their�surrogates tend to suck up to constituents they think they can easily deceive and from whom they can seek financial support to�finance their campaigns.��

That’s politics.�

However,�no president or candidate or party has ever sunk to the depths of electoral depravity the Obamians have reached: engaging in�what is easily the most�disgraceful–and illegal–machinations�to circumvent election law in American history.�

They have, allegedly, been soliciting and accepting�contributions from people and nations�committed to destroying us.���

�� Newsweek, not exactly a conservative bastion, yesterday reported that “In September the Obama campaign brought in its biggest fundraising haul�$181 million. Nearly all of that amount (98 percent) came from small donations, through 1.8 million transactions.�

“The Obama campaign says that it is rigorous in its self-regulation effort. ‘We take great care to make sure that every one of our more than three million donors are eligible to donate and that our fundraising efforts fully comply with all U.S. laws and regulations,’ that�employ ‘multiple security tools to screen all online credit-card contributions’ and that ‘Potentially improper donations, such as those originating from foreign Internet addresses, are returned to any donors who cannot provide a copy of their current U.S. passport photo pages.’ “�

A major problem with that baloney is that it’s just another Obama crock, according to�the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) which�keeps track of�online donations to congressional and presidential candidates.�

Know that CVV or Card Verification Value code found on the backs of your credit cards?� It’s intended to insure you�and the card aren’t fraudulent when you make an online transaction of any sort, including when you make a�contribution to a political entity.��

The GAI discovered that 47.3% of all House and Senate donation websites don’t require donors to enter their CVV, exposing those sites to illegal “foreign and fraudulent contributions.”

Romney�s website requires the CVV, Obama�s doesn’t and Obama.com is owned by businessman-Obama fundraiser Robert Roche who resides in Shanghai.� He�also happens to own�a company�with ties to the Communist Chinese government.�

Coincidentally, the GAI found that 68% of the traffic going to Obama.com originates from foreign locations.

Without mentioning Roche, Obama.com’s clearly unethical–and illegal–trick of not mandating donors enter�a CVV code�without mentioning� that 68% of�Obama.com’s traffic�probably came from foreigners, the Obama campaign resorted to a non-sequitur by saying the GAI’s president Peter Schweizer was nothing more than a Sarah Palin �right-wing activist.�� (http://tinyurl.com/93q3qnr)��

Anyone else wondering if�China’s Hu Jintao or Russia’s Vladimir Putin or Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or�Hugo Chavez or any other America-hating demagogue might have contributed to the campaign of the guy who might benefit them?

We may never know.

The American electorate is well-accustomed to the lies and dirty politics�conducted by this misbegotten president who learned�most of�his nasty�tricks and subterfuges on the dirty streets of Chicago�but�may be�ill-prepared for the extremities to which the Obama Gang will go.��

America should know for certain whether the electorate is as dumb as the Obamians think they are by November 7th.�

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