Common Sensed

David L Lamon | October 26, 2012 


Common Sensed

David L Lamon

I say Sensed because one wouldn’t recognize the fact we are still at war with the religion of Islam and our economy is in shambles if it weren’t for the Internet and Fox News because the media by and large has provided cover for this man in the White House. I say Sensed because only a few out of many have been able to detect or suspected we were still fighting this war through experience at the pump and grocery store. If you listen to another lie of Obama you’d think everything is hunky-dory and he himself said it was just fine. He was telling the truth on this one because it is fine according to his plan to destroy America.

Everything he and his PhD’s have done has failed. Understand, Obama surrounded himself with liberal PhD college professors that most haven’t been out in the real world market place. Obama allowed them the benefit of using America to prove their theories and therefore, I want to give you just a few things to make your decision for the president of the United States November 6, 2012. I reckon one could say this is my voter guide and it is part of it to keep me reminded of what a scamp this Imp of Satan is to keep from being overwhelmed with his powerfully influenced of Satan oratory.

1. Obama doesn’t refer to it as the war on terror but he and his liberal PhD’s he surrounded himself with refer to it as an “overseas contingency operation”.

2. He doesn’t call these reprobates “terrorist” but instead refers to them as “man caused disasters”. He still refuses to call the terrorist action at Ft. Hood terrorism but still insist it was a man caused disaster so I have to wonder who is he trying to protect?\

3. To this day two years later Obama has resisted the congress effort to learn all the truths about “Fast and Furious” using Executive Privilege of which those in the know was an attempt to install gun control over the citizens of America.

4. The Libya fiasco that is now front and center is still trying to get at the truth but Obama and his administration of PhD’s are resisting and consider the deaths of these Americans as not optimal.

5. Obama told Americans his energy plan would necessarily cause the cost of electricity rates to go up. He told the coal industry he was going to shut them down when they supply 52% of the energy for America. As we know his using nearly a trillion dollars of our taxpayer money to invest in Green companies has been a total failure. His insistence that GM produce electric cars has even their leadership worried about their economic survival because they don’t work in the first place and the American people don’t want them.

6. Unemployment figures have not changed (over 23 million) since he took office and as a matter of fact there are more people unemployed now than when he took office. So that means he has failed in his attempt to spend our way out of this recession. Forty-seven million people are now reliant on food stamps because of his Sal Alinsky Socialist/Communist/Cloward/Piven Strategy program for America.

7. Obama and his Attorney General refused to prosecute the Black Panthers that wielded batons to intimidate voters. I brought this up because we can expect the same but much worse this election. This election is important to Obama because knowing he can’t reelected with the normal constitutional system he is determined to finish off this nation with his transformation process he spoke of but didn’t define. As the song says, “I once was blind but now I see”.

I could go on and on but I told you I would limit it to a few things and I think I have hit on things most are familiar with if for no other reason their increase in the cost of the above.

Here is the truth; he is not ignorantly doing what he has as the pundits would have you believe. He is doing this by design to destroy this country because the man is a communist and it is time for everyone to start calling a spade a spade. If you do not understand the Sal Alinsky model take the time to look it up on the Internet as well as the Cloward/Piven method to bring down the free market capitalist system of America to a third world status. I put it this way because the evidence proves this system Obama is instituting does not work. Also know this, he knows this too but is purposely doing it this way. After all, he gave us hint several years ago with his proclamation he is “A Citizen of the World”.

Now that you just a few of things and these are things you are familiar with of what he has done to America it is time for all of us to have that heart to heart talk with ourselves putting aside the lust of the flesh and making an informed decision about the direction we want our country to go. Please take into consideration your vote this November includes the future of your children and grandchildren. In other words do you want a dictator to rule over you or do you want to remain free to make your own decisions and for that matter your children and grandchildren?
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