CBS Reporter Warns Al Qaeda Still Strong in Afghanistan

Move America Forward | October 12, 2012 

Don’t believe the Obama Administration’s misconception about the war in Afghanistan. If you listen to some of our leaders, they try to make the case that the war in Afghanistan is largely over, that the strength of the Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists has been broken and that all that remains is a moderate, toothless group of ragtag fighters who couldn’t possibly pose a threat to the United States. This is a falsehood.
The truth is that the Taliban and Al Qaeda remain as enemies and they do threaten American security. Our troops are still fighting them!  Send a Care Package to our Brave Soldiers Fighting the Terrorists!
According to a CBS reporter Lara Logan (pictured below) who has been on the ground in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are still strongly working together, and have enough manpower to continue posing a threat to the stability of the country and even threaten American targets and civilians.  
On Sept. 30, CBS’s 60 Minutes aired a program, aptly titled “The Longest War,” that discussed al Qaeda’s resurgence in Afghanistan. You can watch the program [above].

The program makes several points that we here at The Long War Journal have made for years: al Qaeda has provided key assistance to the Taliban, including training and personnel [see our report on the Shadow Army from February 2009]; al Qaeda remains entrenched in Afghanistan, and has a safe haven in Kunar (we warned about this starting in 2009); and the US military’s own press releases detail the reach of al Qaeda and other terror groups in the country (LWJ has been covering this exclusively for years, in painstaking detail).

See the following excerpt from the program’s transcript:
[Narrator:] He [a Taliban commander] told us al Qaeda fighters are rushing to Afghanistan and that he has more than a dozen of them under his command. He also said they have been the driving force that has made the Taliban more lethal on the battlefield.

LOGAN: Are you the only commander with al Qaeda fighters?

TALIBAN COMMANDER: There are many groups that have them. We can’t do this without them.

LOGAN: What skills do the al Qaeda fighters bring?

TALIBAN COMMANDER: They are masters of everything. For example, making IEDs, something we don’t know how to do. But they are teaching us. They are also master engineers and good with all weapons. When our weapons break, they are the ones who repair them. We can’t do this without them.

LOGAN: While the U.S. has been saying for a long time that al Qaeda in Afghanistan is almost defeated, the U.S. military’s own reports from the battlefield reveal a very different picture.
They are rich with detail about al Qaeda’s leaders and operations today, confirming the existence of al Qaeda training camps and multiple attack cells. Among those they say they’ve killed are al Qaeda weapons and explosives experts. In one month, the U.S. says it killed more than 25 al Qaeda leaders and fighters.

The Long War Journal OCT 9 2012

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While Obama contemplates retreat, it is clear from this report and others like it, our mission is not over! Troops will have to remain in Afghanistan at least until 2014, the ‘scheduled’ withdrawal date, but very likely beyond. We have to support our troops in the field and continue supporting their efforts to defeat the terrorists!




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